My encounter with a waitress (18+) episode 20

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Episode 20…
****everybody that were at court start jubilating, even though, they have no connection with the story. But prevailing of justice is the main motive behind the people sharing the happiness along with us**** I went down my knees on the podium and started praising the lord for the freedom. I thank him for the journey so far, even though, I could not reply the time I was so humble to him before this time. I look onto the the sky and saw real smile returned. To my fave for the first time agianst since three years ago. ***hot tears start flowing down my face again**** i bent my head down and a female voice brought my back to conscious when I heard; ‘Gos is wonderful. Praise to you oh! Lord!!!!’ …as I turned my head up and as well as coming up on my feet to see who owns the voice. Racheal jumped on me with so much joy I have never expected her to display. It was a wonder moment of my life. When my life was between the live and the death in a day broard day light!!!
****People start coming and congratud me***” those came for the judgement for fun, learning, and experience came to congratulated me. Even, the few part of victim’s family(chief kukoyi) were not expectional, in spite of the fact that they were not happy as the judgement was not in their favour. But they could not help making an innocence person surfer for their family’s loss.****when the law speak, who can say no**”” as I was shaking the people who were congratulating, a lawyer came on:

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My lawyer: I congratulate you Mr. Jerry!!!!

Me:****bending my head down**** you are the saviour here sir. You are the one that rewrote the fiction story written by culprits sir. I am very gratefulll to me you sir!!!

my Lawyer:*****blushing**** stop making me feel embarrassing sir. My job is to defend my clients, either they are good or not! And Evil can never prevail over the truth. Let be doing good. Just help me to take care of racheal. He is a nice person.

Racheal:****smiling**** thanks Petter!!! ****sneaking a glance at me and blushing****

Me:****sneaking a glance at her too and return the blushing****

Lawyer:***held his hand outward to me****

Me:****I held his palm*”””

****We shook hands together*****

My lawyer: I will take my leave first. Don’t forget to collect all your belonging or your way out!

Me: yea… thanks sir!!!

My lawyer: if you want to go back to akure today, please quickly start going because of the time. And ***”turned to recheal*** kindly help me take care of Mr. Jerry!

Me:****take care as how???*** I returned my answer by smilling alone!!!

Racheal: thanks you Petter! I will…


As I turn head into the back I saw opposition lawyer held his hand and said congratulations Mr. Jerry!!! And I replied him by I am grateful sir! Thank you sir!!! …we came out from court and I saw both john and Mrs Mathew waiting for me outside. I held john so tit and we exchange pleasantry!!! I thanks for the bodness he displayed inside.

Me:****still holding john*** thanks for john.… I am happy courtesy of your courage. I will treasure that moment for the rest of my life.

John:****smiling**” what are we friends for??? If I could not do wpthat who would???

Me:****shaking head as approval**” yea… you right!!!

John: so, how are you going to nab ooeyemi now????

Me:****sighed*** I can’t say for now!!!! But I will put in my beat when time comes.

John:***”OK!***** should in case you need any help, feel free to get in touch with me!!!

Me:****shaking head in approval*** sure!!! You are the boss to rely on!!!

John:***”laughing*** for where??? If I kic**** lolz!!!

**””We all laughed together***””

Me:****turned to mess Mathew*** ma, I am grateful. I am very happy to have you here!

Mesa Mathew: don’t mention sir!!!!!

***as we were talking, an officer canpme over to me and asked me to see inside office. When we reached inside, I was hand over my clothes and all the materials that was with me during the time I was arrested. But I could not wear that clothes to home because it was not wash since that period and it has been drenched my the blodd that was dropping down from my head back then*****

***Racheal holding and trying to switch on my phone****

Racheal: your phone battery is not used again. Let go and get clothe and some other things you might still need!!!

Me: OK!!!

****we entered racheal car. It was like heaven. When will reached gwangwanlada. We had a stopped over and buy some clothes and another battery for my phone****
I slotted the battery inside my both handroid and small Nokia phones and plug it inside the car. We branched at A-square hotel to have something to eat. Form there, I checked my ATM to confirm if iit is working. I discovered that. The ATM has expired!!! Racheal handed over her phone to me. I dialled the first Bank code to check balance. After seconds, a message came in, confirmed my balance for me. I discovered the nothing happens to my bank and no one ever made any attempt to froze my account. Two minutes later, we through with our eating including john and mrs Mathew returned back to imse car.

Racheal:****take my phone**** it is on!

Me: what???

Racheal: your phone!! Let me recharge the cald I got for you. ****”dialling the card numbers**** Oh! you are given 500MB… let me help you on your data!!!

Me:******shout****”” W A I T!!!!!!!!!!

****John and Mrs Mathew all froze and stared a glanse at each others then looked back at me****

Racheal:*****scared****” oh! you startled me… why????

Me:*****clear my throat and explaining**** sorry! once you open my data. It will display the time I came last on all my applications!!!

Racheal: heeeeen heeeen!!! What that got to do with shouting??

Me:*****smiling**** I had been dumbed for the last three year. It is time I step up my game and show who is boss!!! Once my data is on, it will show that i came online and that would alert opeyemi and his member that I am back!!!

Racheal:****marveled**” oooooooh, I see!!

****”John, Mrs mathew and racheal… smiled, made a wooooow sound, and gave me a head shaking which depicted …’you are truly back dude’****”

Me:****”I smiled and made a low tone sound in my heart**** Opeyemi, watch out now for ressurection of a man who has lost everything and has nothing else to loss!!!

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