My Encounter with a waitress (18+) episode 3

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Episode 3…
I was at the work when I got peeping of a message tone on my phone. I dipped my hand inside my pocket and brought out the phone. I saw 1 msg form opeyemi. When I opened it, she said; “I thought you would call to say hi”
….Hmmmm, I like a starter, but which kind of starter be this girl gan self?, i said to myself.
I wanted to call her number rit away but it wasn’t reachable and I decided not to call it back again. Hope, we would see by night when I get home.
A week, to two weeks moved by and we begin moving together and talkin as a normal friend. I added her through facebook and all other related social medias. We do chat on whatsapp and facebook. Through this, I figure out that she finished from monshood abiola polytechnic. I met one of her school mates which I beliv they finished together since two years ago, As an ND students. I would call her to say hi. Sometime she would call me to see her before go home. One day snakie call me and ask if I am dating the guy as he opined becuase of our talkin and chatin together everytime I am around.
Snakie: you be bad guy o
Me: y? Wat have I done?
Snakie: u wan tell me say you never understand what I mean abi?
Me: I no knw ooo
Snakie: k, I introduced u to that girl and since u start bleeping her u never even leme no.
Me: haaaa.. Wait, I no sleep with her, even I can never sleep with her.
Snakie: why? She done dey there for you nah!
Me: heeen, but how?
Snakie: ok! U no what?
Me: what?
Snakie: you can chop her for a while and from theere, you self go begin gain ground for here.
Me: here? Pls, I no wan gain any ground. Nah motor I have to gain ground or nah jet I park out side.
Snakie: that is what I dey tell you nah. You fit use the girl to get whatever you need.
Me: but how?
Snakie: just have your way with her. And anytime you wan sleep with her make sure you use condom. Shiikenan. And frm there you begin to eat free food and kip you salary for getting your own car nah.
Me: and you tink that feel work?
Snakie: e fit work nah. No b you knw wetin you dey look for.
Me: k, aiit… I go dey tink about it sah.
From there his friends just called out:
Friend 1: guy wetin u nah dey talk for that lng?
Snakie: we dey come jareh. Jus oro omo iya ni nah( nah family talk nah)
Friend 1: ok, but come over cause the chelsea done wan start the match ooo.
We disentangled immediately. The match stated by 8:45pm and match is expected to finish by 11:00pm latest couple with extral minute. We were watching the chelsea vs everton match wen man-city already done nack stoke city… 3 goes to 1
My body dey tremble cus we must win the match to continue to extend the lead to 7 points.
By 84 minute the match started, I got a message on my whatsaap from her say:
Opeyemi: hi
Opeyemi: are you there?
Opeyemi: I only want to tell u that should we see by this night before goin home.
Me: ***raised eyes brown, haaaa see as hw*** still ignore***.
By 86 minutes that the match was on. The goal was score but disallowed by the lastman claimin it is an offside. My body was hot. I was already lost in the match ecstasy and not ready to welcome another intruder. She continue to disturb on watsapp and al that, but Just about the time I wanted to reply wit arsh words. A wonderful goal was just dashed into the net tru williams and the whole place was full of joy. I relay could not control ma joy wen d call enter ma fone tru strange number. And I picked the call to find out who was it, but to my surprise it is same opeyemi.
Me: helo
Opeyemi; y haven’t u replied my mesage all the while?
Meh; ***I tried form a lie*** hae, I didn’t see it. Sorry ok?
Opeywmi: aiit, will u pls see me before you go home tonight?
Me; hope there is no problem?
Opeyemi: not at al, I just feel like see u.
Me: ok, no p! I even tot u might have gone home since I didn’t see u.
Opeyemi: noooo, I have a room at the third floor. I don’t use to go home everyday.

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Immediately, I heard this, my di¢k signaled. No wonder she use to sound like a lonely fowl everytime she call me during the night. That means this girl is available tool. Should I even cease my chances today? I may not be able to see such an opportunity again. These are the words that full my tot at that night as I was not even bother to watch the match again before final whistle was blown. I found my way outside the hotel and call her no.
When the phone was ringing I saw someone waving at me at very distance. I tried to accustom my eyes into the darkness and I got to knw it is the same person that I was waitin for. I walked into the place and she asked me to wait. It is already after 11pm and I forgt to check my watch aftermath. We talked and I later forgt the home. When I check ma fone it was already to 12am.
Me; I gotto go.
Opeyemi: haaa, y?
Me: ***showing her my wrist watch***
Opeyemi: heeen hen, is that all?
Me: yes.
Opeyemi: ok, but I thought u wan me to just giv u sth to eat before u go. Cuz I am tinkin of wat will you eat again since there is no one outside.
Me: **snakie was rit***I will buy bread on ma way to home.
Opeyemi: so, u want my food to waste?
Me: how?
Opeyemi: cause, i have almost through with wat I am cookin and because of you I added essence.
Me: ***formin***I don’t think I would be able to wait, because no 1 to open the gate for me if I late beyond this.
Opeyemi: is your wife not at home?
Me: ***raised eyes brown*** wife as how? have not got married.
Opeyemi: so, y puttin yourself through all this. Come joooh.
Held my hand and took me enter the hotel thorough back door. We ascending the stair case and on our way to her room I began to hear differences tones frm anteroom. Like huuuuuuu, haaaaaaa, yeeeeeee, Fuccccckkkk oucccchhh!!!, Ohhhh mmyyyy. . . and hard thrush***kpakapakap”****
My mood changes instantly and I was ready to put my jailer into any available prison.

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