My Encounter with a waitress (18+) episode 4

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Episode 4…
She knew I heard all the sound comin through the next door but I acted so coded. She later told me not to bother about the sound cause it makes no diference. But the way she put tin realy strange to me and I force myself back on the subject.
Me: I gues u sed u are always passin a night inside here.
Opeyemi: yes, sure! And y askin?
Me: I wonder how u normally cope?
Opeyemi: lolz, you know what.
Me: what?
Opeyemi: it nature of my work and it is becoming part of me to take it as it is. And as u can see, it is nothing. Even if someone should off the clothes before me this day, I don’t think I would fall for it.
Me: ok…

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And silence followed the discussion immediately. I was thinkin fast that it would be beter to be on my way home if there is no way to put d disturbing criminal into prison rather than causing trouble in the public.
She asked me to sit on the chair next to the door. Inside the room there was a single table and two chairs. She close the door and headed into kitchen. I tried to cast all the features inside the room. Two 6 inches bed were put at a distance inside the room. A towel were hang in btw the bed and there is telephone on d desk very close to each bed to call for anytin u might need I guess. Lookin at the wall of the room, there are differences Pictures showing the parts of woman and man bodies. A kinda style u might want to do with woman such as doggy, cowgirl reverse action, spoon style, missionary and other which I have never seen before. I was totaly hard on and amazed to see all the style in the world. Infact, brothel is a PPP concept. Not the the private public partnership we learnt in school, but personal prinsonal place for satanic pikin on it own.
After a while, I saw her fone displaying the light, I checked and later discovered that the phone was in vibration. I tried to look at the caller and I saw my homie. I was wonderin who could that be? Why would he or she be callin by this period of the time? A minute after that she brought the food and saw a pursue lookin in my face. She then asked:
Opeyemi: why so curious?
Me: how?
Opeyemi: your expression show it all, don’t lie to me!
Me:I laugh, I was only being curious about the decoration of the room. I tot u sed u are usin this as a personal room and how come it is being designed with all these pictures?
Opeyemi: ***busted into laughter*** is that all you could see in this whole room?
Me: then what will you xpect me to see then? Off course there is no new tin in here xcept the postal.
Opeyemi: ok, he who asks want explanation. I normal use the ground floor room but I don’t feel like stayin there tonight that is why I am here.
Me: hen hen?
Opeyemi: u knw I have keys of the rooms with me, provided the rooms are not bin ocupied by costumer, I can make use of them.
Me: them?
Ope: yes, them! Lolz!
******And silent follow immeidately*******
I ate semo-vita with bokoto meat that night and after when we about to sleep she asked me to sleep opposite bed while she slept in other bed. Though, I was not comfortable wit the idea. Then, I asked her while she lured me into the place at the first time and she claimed of against the fact that I would be walkin in the died night and which is bad for a responsible men. By 1:00pm we still unable to sleep, just gisting about the work and all that. All I know about the girl is that she is not ready to have anytin wit me, but what on earth is goin on here? And why would she ready to sleep with me in the same room witout expectin any of such thing btw us? It is gettin late in the night and the activities from other rooms could be heard. These poeple in the antecedence room must be a cat and a dog. I imagine whose type of the lady would proberbly be at the other room.***cat*** I guesss” as She continue to scream in a very unbearable manner; hoooo huuuuuch, hheeee, hhhaaa, fuuuck meeeeee, amm dieeeeeeing oooohhhh God. Honestly, I almost blamed myself for passing a night inside a place like this and dereliction of my duty as a man. But jus like an angel, it beter not to blame anybody for the wrong done, cause God on its own has a way of rewards his people. Ope can’t bear the temptation also and asked me aftermath if she should put on a music on her fone. I nodded in affirmative, and wat surprise me most is that, the songs that are being playin was as if selected for such an accident. Akon was played first’…tittle; ” searching for love”. The music played to a certain level and she was amazing to see me singing the lyric along the line. The next music was; minnie riperton, tittle; lovin you. And I was stil singing it along. She asked how did I know this one and I told her that akon is my favourite singer. But this particular song is my best love song ever. While I was stil singing alng, The music playing reach a certain lyric which goes thus; ***loving you is easy cuz you’r’ so beautiful, making love with you is all I wana do, loving you is more than just a dream coming true, and everything I do’ its because I am inlove with you***. Suddenly, I heald a big sneech from her and I quickly rose up from my bed as if it something to write home about. I held her waist wit my both palms and I was just lookin at her face. I don’t know what came upon me and where I got such courage hitherto, I am stil wondering how it all happen. I dropped a big kiss on her mouth. She felt reluctant. I did it again, and she beggin to give me back in a very strange manner. We kissed for like 10 minutes and she came for air and socked the hell out of my heart.
Ope: Jerry! I don’t wanna do this.
Me: I knw, but just act as if notthing happen.
Ope:but I realy don’t know why you are so dishy towards me
Me: you too, but just tonight and nothing more!
Ope: you mean it?
Me: yes!!!
Ope: you mean no string attach?
Me: yea.
She held me tit and we began kissing. I was smouching his bossom, I deep my left hand into the pant and begin cares her pu$$y mouth while my right hand was on bossom. I was already hard on couple with the eariler sound I was hearing from the neighbour. And I was not even ready to waste any more times. I quickly remove her top and rolled the skirt up to the stomach. I use my left leg to drew my trouser into my kneel and half sangging my boxer. I took out my di¢k and rubb it against her clitoris. As I was about to put it in.

She said STOP!!!.

****My heart made a tremor sound and my mouth drop ajar with what I saw.****
****Less did I know that I was about to unleash an hungry lion from its den.****

Watchout for the next part tomorrow

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