My encounter with a waitress (18+) episode 5

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Episode 5…
She asked me; ‘won’t use a condom. Seriously, Kongi nah bastards. Truly, at that particular moment the letter ‘C’ that represents the word condom totally miss in my dictionary. I like protection as well; I replied”. She dipped her hand inside her bag and brought out a packet of condom.*** I looked at it, hooo no, I prefer ruff-rider to this type of condom, “I said to myself”***. Well, in the absence of Bat, we can use sparrow for ritual.
Me:Did you know we are goin to do this before? I asked;
Ope: nope! Why asked?
Me: surprise to see you wit materials nah.
Ope: I sometime kip it for my boyfriend
Me: so, you have boyfriend? Who is he?
Ope: that is the story for other day.
Me: ok!
As I was about to collect it from her, She said not so much in a hurry. Quickly, I became docile. She places my body on Divan and disrobes my clothes, living me unclad. She dislodges my di¢kson out of its permanent place and handling it professionalism. She was just teasing with the tip of my di¢kson. I became deranged and witout more ado I Disgorge my semen. My mouth drops down. I swear, ope hand is like a diuretical tool on my di¢kson. If I may give remark, I would say ope is a totally 100% Dexterous in handling a man on bed. In other not to become debilitation. I too divest her skirt and clothes on her immediately. Sucking me likes no tommorw and I was muhaaa like cow. I became hard again. Putting condom on my di¢k like house on fire. She jumped on me in a cowgirl reverse version and ridding me like an horse. We lasted like 10 minute and I changed position into spoon style. Wahoooo, come see difference tones she was producing: hooooochhh, hhunnnnn, haaaaa; jeeeeerytiiiiiiooooooo. Gooooooood, allmiggghththth.. Yee-ee-y, heeee, fuuuccckkk me, fuuckk me, fucckkk me jerrrry! Fucck me hard, spoiled my pu$$y, spoil me, leeme come. Honestly, my neighbour was a learner. We changed position into missionary style. This time around I was just banging her like mad. I took style enter the corner, if I figure out that my power is diminishing, I would released for like 1 minutes and continue banging. I would be using that minute to suck her tip, rubbing her pu$$y and finger fu¢k with two to three fingers interchnageably. 20 minutes passed by and I came, I removed condom on my di¢k only to discovered it has tore. I got surprised. She asked what happen I said nothing. She stood up all of sudden and asked me to mouth wash her pu$$y in 69 position. Honestly, this time around, fear dey caught me, cause less I knw where on earth this pu$$y done get fu¢k. She was sucking me in 69 position and I take style to blow the wind in btw her pu$$y. At that period she was uncontrollable as her leg was shaking. I discovered that if I continue to blow the air, terrible thing might happen so I stopped and I began to finger fu¢k her. I would spat on my finger rubbed it over the pu$$y and continue to finger fu¢k. She asked me how many styles I know that I can still do. I said none. She said she gonna teach me more of it. I quickly put on cd. She started from Sitting and kneeling (lotus) or (it is also called) lap dance position to T-square techniques and later asked me to stand up. She jumped on my chest and asked me to hold on to her, raising her leg like I carry pikin, calling this type of style as a Standing ovation or suspended congress. That position is a dangerous position ever as it is not advisable to cum, as one likely prone to stroke if commonly ejaculate in such style. Then I threw her on the bed and resume to missionary style. I brought out my di¢k rubb it, I asked her to gently taste it. After a minute of sucking I cum and lied down beside to cuddle her. She kept looking at me. I saw a sparkle in her face missed with a sad mood. My mind was just that may be she wasn’t happy about the whole story between us. Until when she came out for air.
Ope: ***sign*** I am sorry!
Me: ***felt surprised*** you don’t have to. I should be the one to say that to you, I guess.
Ope: you won’t understand. ***crying*** I don’t wanna do this.
Me; I know, But it all happened by mistake, let just count it as that.
Ope: hooo noo, it is not. You won’t just gt me!
She asked if she can make use of toilet while we were still on bed and l said of course she can. But instead for her to make use of the toilet designed mainly for the room we were inside. She exist through the other door by brought out another key inside her bag. I wasn’t surprise cause she told me earlier that she holds the keys to all the rooms. I was still on bed taking a nap all of sudden I heard someone opened the door and I felt metal on my head.

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*****blank out********

When I open my eyes, I found myself hold hostage on a chair being tied hands at the back of the chair.

***while blood is drilling down my body****””

Watch out for next part tomorrow…

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