My encounter with a waitress (18+) episode 6

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Episode 6…
It was as if train is moving inside my head. I felt as if trailer crushes my head. My eyes blur, I begin to see constellation and when it getting clear I saw a blood drain off my head down to my face. I want to use my hands to hold it and I felt a kinda metal around it and held across at the back of chair I sat on. As my eyes is accustomed to the room, I saw a table place before me, a camera, a pen and a piece of booklet and file to jot or making a statement. The wall is made of chromium ceramic fabric, with one large single metal door. No window or ventilation, only a periscope glass which I believe could be see whose inside through the antecedent room. A chandelier form of light is place in the middle of room serve as pivotal into the middle of building provide enough reflection to see interrogators. With this, I sense this much be a sign of omen. Two minutes after, I was stil groin in pain, One hefty guy in uniform accompany two men in suit enter the room. The two guy in suit, one introduced himself as inspectors and the other introduced himself as prosecutor, and sat opposite me. the hefty guy in uniform stand behind them.
Me: what am I doing here? I asked”***still in pain***
Prosecutor: ***clear his throat*** you are been charge by murder. In the hotel you were last night, there is onslaught, which claim the life of chief kukoyi ‘the campaign personnel for senator koker’. Additionally, with a lot of items missing and some of 10million naira.
Me: excuse me! Your statement is so opacity. Can you pls come down to my level and be more a lot perspicuous?
Prosecutor: an hidden camera shows that you involve in the assasination of chief kukoyi. And with your identity card found inside kukoyi room and also you guys were three or four in numbers and only you was unable to escape. Your thumb print on the knife u used to do the work was shown clearly that u were among the gangs.
Me: what?
Prosecutor: yea, we have the evidence with us.
Me: evidence?
Inspector: yes, evidence? U surprise abi?
Me: of course. I only went to meet a friend there yesterday.
Inspector: though, we are not authorize to listen to you as the court have the final judgment. However, I would implore you to find the good lawyer cus this a case between the federal government.
Me: ***haaaaa*** federal government, how? It is just a place I use to realize whenever I come back from work.
Inspector: well, there is no need for you to be telling us that, as whatever you say here would be use against you in court. With the little of your information we have with us show that you are not yoruba tribe. You finished your study at uniben and working with ministry of affair in secretarial at river state a year ago, but later transferred into oyo state ministry of affair. Also, the research show that you might likely have consortium with political fathers whose consign you to kill chief kukoyi. With the information gather in your area and hotel, it reveals that you always staying at hotel pavilion every night and weekend to figure out how to carryout the operation.
I interrupted him once:
Me:***groin in pain*** excuse me, point of correction, I am half yoruba and half igbo. Which variably means that I am yoruba as well. And I have no consortium with no one.
Inspector: well, that is not for us to judge. You have given consent to consult any lawyer of your choice before 5th of the next month. You will be given an hour to talk to your lawyer once in a week. Within that period, you are not permitted to talk to anyone or see outside expect the time schedule to talk to your lawyer.
Me: haaaaaaaa… Why me? What have I done? And before I could say another thing the hefty man behind them drag me off to a next dark lobby and locked me down in one dark room, where I couldn’t see the light or see no one to talk to. I lost in thought. Where is ope? Who is trying to put me through all this? Why the prosecutors refuse to mention her name? Why are they not even allow me to say something? Why am I put inside a german cell as this? Who is an actor directing this movie? What consortium does she have with political fathers? Why are they involving me? These are the rhetorical questions that full my thought!!!

Watch out for next part tomorrow …

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