My encounter with a waitress (18+) episode 8

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Episode 8…
I bury my head in between the bossom. I remove them form their den, I suck the tip passionately; ‘She muhaaaaa. That is my clue. I lean her against the wall. While doing this my mouth was still stuck into her mouth and continue to kiss. I was smouching, pressing, robbing, handling both bosoom and bumbum at the same time. The muuuuhhha voice from her is getting louder by this time. Immediately, I heard ZZZzzzzzzzzzz, my trouser was ajar. She brought out my di¢kson. Brother di¢kson stands at ease, perpendicular in angle 90 degree. like karate practitioner, She drop on her kneel, spat on my moses’ rod, robbed it gently. Huuuuuu, hooooooo, huuuuuu, hoooooo, huuuuu, hooooooo, huuuuuu, was all I could pronounce. She tossed it into her mouth, begin to suck it. Sometime she would slow down and use it to touch her jugular. At time she would joggle it and put it back into mouth. This time my head was sparking. I could not hold my self again no more, cause the ecstasy was much to bear. I begin to pronounce tone that I don’t even know how it take my mouth escape. I held her head with my palms and increase the tempo. I was jacking fast and increase the thrust a second interval. she wore jeans. I took style move my hand downward to unhook the jeans and half sagging it and eventually, dropped it down to her kneels. I separated her legs, almost angle 30 degree apart. I use my palm to rub her honey pot. She is fu¢king damn wet. I dropped down to give a little mouth wash. ***I was shocked to see my self doin such***. I thought, ***i am now change dude*** or may be she is now a change person towards me, that is why I could do such. She would sometime deep all my head inside it as if make I go inside. I choke and find it difficult to breath. She is just continue muhaaaa. this time, the tone coming form her mouth now is: hooouch, haaaaa, yesssss, yesssss, huuuuuuunn, fucccck me pls. Her leg was just shaking like someone that has been engulfed by cold weather. I shovel my tin in an oscillation. Spat on my palm and rub its head off. When I was about to put it inside. She said STOP.*** I laughed***, cause it sounds as a sense of deja’vu.
Me: why?
Ope: do we have to do this?
***I laughed*** I thought it has been a national anthem whenever we are like this. What surprised me is that; ‘She asked a question I really could not provide answer to:
Ope: u don’t even bother to ask how I made it in here.
My Pulmonary artery and vain stopped working for a second. my heart was shaking**i swear kongi nah bastard, I wonder how she got in here too***my talking was incoherently*** but I manage to get over my libido a little bit.
Me: I thought of it so. I wana ask, but u stroked my mind with emotional words at first. how you did it?
Ope: it is all about havin consortium
Me: consortium? ***i felt like I once heard something related to this before** so, you have consortium with god fathers?
Ope: **signed** I am not here to be indiscreet.
Me: how?
Ope: stop saying what you have no clue.
This time around she is laughing. I was a little bit uncompose and indisposed. why will she be laughing wit a serious issue.
Me: ***i interupted***is that funny?
Ope:***stop laughing*** funny than u can never imagine.
Me: **surprised** hw? And why?
Ope: ***mood change***well, you yet to know a certain tin sah.
Me: what is that tin oooo?
Ope: are u curious?
Me: yea! Am I.
Ope: Have you forgotten that When a rabbit went to the palace of the dragon king, it left its liver behind.
Me: what does that means?
Ope: think over it?
Me: I don’t’ understand it, so you tell me.
Ope: it won’t do any good by telling you. You should find it out yourself. slowly thinking about it.
I tried to think about it. I realy don’t knw what the sentence denote. **”when a rabbit enters the place of the dragon, it leaves its liver behind”**
what could this mean?
Does she refer to me?
And why will be sayin this all of sudden?
By continue to think about it. I sense something brighter over my head. It is just like a reflection of light per say. I strained my eyes, when It all open, I found myself lied on ground. The officer on the stand at the entrance said:”stand up, the van is waiting already, as today is that day”. Touching my trouser, I felt soakness. So, I was dreaming? Immediately fear strike my heart and I felt the imminent danger ahead.
Watch out for then next part!!!!!!

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