My Encounter with a waitress (18+) episode 9

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Episode 9…
My cell unlocks. I stood up and was putting an handcuff on my hands. I dragged down to the van waiting with two officers. I’v never even knew which station I brought to since my first day. Cuz I was not allow to come outside since then. I was held and put inside the van. We were five convicted that have to go to court on that day. We couldn’t talk to each other, cause no one knows what awaiting him at the court. It is a moment of full serious in one’s life. Our van passed through a small gate, but wen we reach outside I sense this ought to be a place for criminal and murder case because of full security. Wen we move a little bit, I saw on the big sign board which read; “police is your friend, integrity is our priority, IYAGANKU police post”. So, I was at iyaganku all this while, I have never been here before but I always heard of the place as an hell for convicted. We have to pass through apata road before, but I guess because of little hold-up in front. We made U-turn back to dugbe, I was wondering where are we goin. We take the road beside cocoa house. We passed through femi johnson connected to oke-ado and found our way at the road by the right side at oke-ado. I saw liberty stadium. ***these people are trying to make me see the beauty of ibadan since a month plus in a cell, ;I thought***. When we reach the round-about connect challenge road to mobile, we crossed to other side of the road and I saw “HIGH COURT”. My mind was like; arivideci mr. Jerryto!!!
We dropped off the van and made a crow line movement into a large hall. We kept inside a partition place carve in one side in the hall. I got surprised when I saw difference faces that I have known. Mr. Collin; My guardian, two people frm my working place. Lawyers sat opposite the judge and checking some files. Two people have already gone by among we convicted brought to court on that day. I could hear the arsh judgement over them. One is robbery and the other rape. The rapper was give 14 years imprisonment while the robber was sent life sentence. At this particular time I don’t know what atmosphere would speak about me. when it’s already my turn the case file number was called out and I was brought to the front of the podium. One guy at the counter states the nature of the case.
A lawyer step forward into me;
Lawyer: my lord, mr. Jerryto, that is stand before us is a long term killer. With the information getting show that mr. Jerryto is a hire-killer working for some political bodies to achieve their aim against chief kukoyi. The people hired him to kill these people might be those finance his education to become a killer for them. He is poor to make it up to this level. Definitely he is living with money earn from his assassination job and use his ministry work to cover the face.

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***a girl who is a second waitress to opeyemi brought to the podium***

The girl over here witness the both ariver of mr. Jerryto and chief kukoyi to hotel before chief was kill by the Mr. Jerry.
****”Bible was place before her and she asked to place hand over it. Recite it after the lawyer that****
I am here to bear truth witness of chief kukoyi against mr. Jerry blablabla…
Lawyer: What is your name?
Girl; my name is racheal
Lawyer: racheal, do you know mr. Jerryto?
Racheal: not realy, he sometimes come to our hotel everynight. He used to kip to himself. So I dun know much about him.
***my mouth drop ajar, and eyes clear like crystal***
Lawyer: the camera shows that he entered chief kukoyi room with his gangs. Do you know anybody with him that help me to carry out the assassination of chief. **i was like, “gangs”…haaaa****
Racheal: nope! Only him, I saw enter the hotel that day after the match.
Lawyer: does he ask for a room or is there any woman or some1 came to meet him at hotel?
Racheal: not realy, he has never occupied the room since he has been coming to our hotel.
Lawyer: how many of you are on duty that day???
Rachael: we were two, but miss open left before the me. So, no one again except our co. member working at reception.
Lawyer: is there any record showhat Mr. Jerry order for a room after you left.
Racheal: no sir, there is no such record on our list.
Lawyer: thanks miss racheal. When we need one or two thing in future we will ask u.
**lawyer hand over the evidences to judges**
a video player brought before the judge to play what the disk contain there-in. video show a man wore exactly my clothes and stabbed the chief kukoyi…

****The murder was done professionally. And I knew this is properbly end of the journey for my life.***

How will I survive this??? I can’t say!!!!

Who the hell is opeyemi??? I don’t know!!!!!

Where the consortium that behind the killing of chief kukoyi, only God knows!!!!

Chai …Open free nacking of kitty-cat lands me in a journey of no return…
Ha! Like kitty, like prison!!!
Watch out for next part

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