My encounter with a waitress episode 31

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Episode 31…
Me:*****started crying**** snakie…. Why??? What have I done to deserve this???

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Snakies:****laughing aloud***** y-o-u…. DO YOU THINK WE WONT SEE AGAIN???

Me:****crying profusely**** please don’t harm racheal***pointing to her lifeless on the ground***

Snakies:****laughing aloud*** I won’t harm her. I will do exactly what she was accused me of doing.

Me:****cleaning my face*** WHAT IS THAT??? she doesn’t know you. She doesn’t even connect to the case between me and you. If it is the case between me and opeyemi, I am ready to die for whatever you want to do for me. But, please release her.

Snakies: ****screaming*** release who??? She is the main character of this story. I am even happier that you brought her along…

Me:****pleading*** how do you mean?

Snakies:***pointing to himself*** look at my face very well and tell me you don’t recognize this face.

Me: I recognized you face very well, snakie…

Snakie:****pointing to himself again*** is that all you can identify???

Me:****crying**** yes!!!!

Snakie:***pointing the gun at me*** don’t worry, I will take you to memory lane soon. ***turned to opeyemi*** tie his hands with this chain and lock the padlock around the pole. Drop one chain among the three chains that were in his hand and a padlock.

Opeyemi tied my hands behind the beam in the middle of the sitting room. He, later, asked opeyemi to tie Rachel’s hands behind the chair, while she is sitting on it. It remains one chain with him and a padlock. He picked a mug that contains water and pours the water on racheal face to bring her to conscious from her lifeless state. Immediately racheal brought to conscious. She was shocked as if she should just enter the ground, immediately. I was surprised because I never imagined racheal to know snakie. “Where on earth were they ever met before, I imagined…”

Snakie: ***clapping**** welcome back prosecutor racheal.

Me: ****murmuring**** how does he know she is a prosecutors??

Racheal: ***crying and pleading***

Snakie:****laughing aloud**** I should free you abi??? Nope!!!!

Racheal:***shaking head to depict affirmative***

Me:**** shocked*** recheal, where do you know snakie???

Snakie:****laughing*** jerry, you are a fool… you don’t recognize me, even up till now?

Racheal:**** crying and pleading****

Snakie: ***strong voice*** 15years ago was your year of judgment and you fool ***pointing at me*** but, today is my judgment day. It is really turned out well, I guess? No sinner shall go free with punishment.

Me: ****shocked and surprised*** screaming: wwwwhhhhaaaattttt?? yo…yo…you ar…are…?

Snakie:***laughing aloud*** yeeeeaaaa… this is me!!! “THE TROJAN MAN” ….a man called ‘SHAKIRU’ …you fool ***pointing at me**** ….continuing; …even your African doll recognized me before you. You are still a slow learner like back then!!!

Me: ***shocked**** SHAKIRU… it that realy… you??? Chai, mo gbe…. Law of karma comes sooner than later!!!

****broke down and start crying while pleading follow****
Next part is loading….
Sorry for short update!!!


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