My "Ex" and still my Friend. how do you cope?

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Happy Sunday team onihaxy. hope you are enjoying the weekend?. and I hope you are now enjoying the weekly updates of the long awaiting season 9.

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let’s have another gist this Sunday titled
“My ex and still my friend.”

almost everyone has been in a relationship before where you broke up with a particular “ex” but you still keep communications. it might be due to several reasons like financial help, love from heaven, care and passion, and so many other things you enjoyed when you were together.

ladies and gentle. how will you feel and what will you do when your fiance or girlfriend or boyfriend still communicates with his / her ex ?.

* do/ will you feel jealous?, if yes. how do you control it?.

* what happens when he / she told you point blank that the communication with the ex cannot stop?

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