My first trip to Abuja and Zaria episode 10

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She was very fair and her beauty was spotless, she looked older than me, but i never fully gave her beauty attention –i swear, i f*ck up big time oo, don’t worry you will understand why i said so as we continue the story–.
At first, the place she sat wasn’t so good for her and her sister, so they came to sit at the back where i sat. She sat at the left hand side of her sister, while I sat on the right hand side of her sister and a lady sat beside me.
As the journey started, I took my phone and started writing the story “Angles” –I swear that girl is the best definition of an angel oo–. As I wrote, I ignored every other thing that went on around me.
30mins into the journey, she started taking pictures with her sister, who wasn’t as beautiful as she was. They took up to five picture, but I wasn’t counting because I was busy writing.
As the journey continued, her sister slept off with her head bent backwards, but she was awake busy with her phone.
Few minutes later, her sis laid her head forward and relaxed on the seat right in front of her. I became free a bit as her sis laid forward because I was maintaining a little space.
I was busy writing and focusing on my story writing, when I noticed she was looking at what I was writing. I quickly locked down my mind which was ringing to her side and continued writing.
She stretched her beautiful head forward to see what I was writing, but I just ignored. She then told the woman who sat beside me to adjust a bit –she spoke in Hausa –, the lady adjusted –I think she was trying to get my attention–.
After the woman adjusted, she looked towards my way, but I was just busy writing my story –chia!, I feel like killing myself right now–. She started feeling sleepy and in no time, sleep glued to her eyes.
As she was sleeping, her head fell toward my left shoulder slowly, as I saw her head falling slowly towards my shoulder, i started crying inside me.
“Oh God, let this girl’s head not touch my shoulder oo”, I said praying to God for her head not to land on my shoulder.
“Ah Dindy, you fear unnecessary”, said my mind.
“Wake up, wake up”, I said in my mind, as her head fell closer to my shoulder.
“C’mon, stop being childish”, said my mind.
“No, no, nooo!!”, I shouted in me as her head landed on my shoulder and my focus on writing died down.
When her head landed on my shoulder, I felt this cool loving feeling, that I have never felt in my life. I felt loved because no girl has ever placed her head on my shoulder –chia I need Cain ooo, I too dey f*ck up, I really miss that feeling [sad]–
“[Laughs] Dindy, shut up, don’t you like it?”, asked my mind laughing at me.
“[Crying] No I don’t, God please let her just wake up”, I said crying within me.
“[Laughs] Dindy you are such a girl”, my mind said laughing at me.
“I swear I will wake her up o”, I said within me.
“Ah Dindy, leave her, can’t you see she’s sleeping”, said my mind.
“I don’t care, let her just remove her head from my shoulder”, I said within me.
“Ah, ok if you have the heart, wake her up na”, my mind said to me.
“[Crying] oo, please wake up”, I said crying inside me.
As I battled within myself, she wake up and looked at me. I ignored and continued writing my story.
“Chai!, thank God o, she has woken up”, I said as I relaxed my beating heart.
“[Laughs] Dindy o, you won’t kill me”, said my mind.
As I was singing songs of praises, that her head was off my shoulder, she fell asleep again and her head was falling once again to my shoulder. In seconds, her head relaxed on my shoulder.
“Jesus Christ!, what is this na?”, I said within myself.
“[Laughs] ah Dindy, I know you like it”, said my mind laughing at me.
“[Sad] oo, I don’t like this a bit, at all”, I said within me.
While I and my mind battled, she wake up and looked at me, then adjusted herself –If I knew, I wouldn’t have dull oo. [Angry] I’m such a f**l–.
She placed her head and hand on her sister’s back, then slept off again. I was happy that she laid on her sister’s back because I didn’t want her head on my shoulder again.
As I continued writing, her right hand started dropping down, towards my left hand which was on my laps.
“Ah, not again na”, I said within myself as her right hand dropped down getting close to mine.
“[Laughs] Dindy grow up”, said my mind laughing at me.
“God please let her hand just stop there”, I said within me as her right hand came closer than ever to mine.
“Dindy just relax”, said my mind.
“Noooo___”, I said crying within me as her hand touched mine.
“[Laughs] funny you”, said my mind laughing at me.
“Make it stop, make it stop for crying out loud”, I said to myself while her right hand was on mine.
As I fought myself with complains, the driver climbed over something that made the car go up and down forcefully.
Immediately the car went up and down, she and her sister wake up –I need to be flogged for missing such opportunity –.
After they wake up, they couldn’t sleep back again because sleep had gone off their eyes.
Few minutes later, they got to there stop and came down, then left.
–That was how, I Lagos boy behaved like mumu and miss my chance, I totally hate myself…..I’m sorry for disappointing all you Lagos boys….abeg make Una no kill me…. I really need a coach on how to woo girls oo :(……please if you’re the girl and you are reading this….me still dey find you ooo!! :'( . —
After she left, I felt her soft head on my shoulder and my heart was beating happily with joy.
Within 15mins, we got to the last bus stop which wasn’t mararaba. I asked the driver on how to get to mararaba, then he told me wait for a bus which would soon come.
i couldn’t wait that long because the sun was too much, so I stopped a biker.
After 15mins of bike riding, we got to my uncle’s place. When I went in, I saw his wife going to the market.
She welcomed me, then told me that food was in the kitchen in case if I wanted to eat, then she left.
Time was very fast that day, making the sun run out of sight and the moon shine bright in the sky.
We were all (my uncle’s wife and kids) at house except my uncle. He finally came back and by that time we had already eaten. After he ate, we all prayed and went to sleep.
The next day, I was going back to Lagos, so I wake up early and so did my uncle. When I was done and ready, my uncle and his wife drove me to the main road, where I would see a bus that would take me to “THE YOUNG SHALL GROW” park.
On the way heading to the main road, my aunty mocked my uncle on how he drove, I laughed very low.
When we got to the main road, my uncle parked and we crossed to the other side, then I boarded a bike because it would be more easy and safe.
When I got to “THE YOUNG SHALL GROW” park, I went inside and bought my ticket quickly. I then waited for them to start loading the bus.
The sun started showing froth its light. By that time, the first bus had left and the second bus started loading, the third bus wasn’t yet ready –I didn’t get lucky this time, I was fixed in the third bus–.
After the second bus was done, the third bus was ready to move. By that time the sun was out fully.
I sat on my seat, which was at the window side, then a lady sat beside me –o boy e be like say I get juju for Dem ladies ;)–. The man who saw her off, came close to the window side where I was, to talk to her.
He then spoke in Yoruba to her, that she has found a new boyfriend, which is me and I understood what he said, but I said nothing –them no know say I be Lagos boy noni…dem see fine boy….learners :P–.
After 15mins, we left Abuja heading back to Lagos and leaving all my sweet lovely experience behind, including the girl that left a beautiful mark on my heart and mind.
The journey back to Lagos was extremely smooth and cool, we had no troubles or bus problems. I and the girl beside me talked a little because I gave her my cardigan when she was cold –Forget Dindy na sharp rat! ;)–.
By 5pm, I arrived in Lagos and traffic was all over.
When finally I got to iyanaiba, I walked down, to where i would see a bus going to igando. In no time, I saw a bus going to igando and I entered.
As the bus moved, I thought heavily about all I experienced in my trip. As I got closer to my bus stop, a boy beside me called a girl with his phone.
The discussion that went on between him and the girl, made me remember the beautiful angel I missed at Zaria. I felt sad a bit, but shook off the feelings.
When I got to my stop, I came down, then crossed to the other side of the road, where I would see keke going to my side.
I entered a keke and as the keke moved closer to my area, I felt sad because I knew that my life would become boring once more.
Finally, I got to my area, then paid and came down the keke with my luggage.
As I walked closer and closer to my house, I missed the feeling which I felt behind in Abuja and Zaria. The joy and love I felt were all there and I’m here.
I know some day I would go back to school there, some day I would see my missing angel, but for now I have to live with the joy that i would pass the exams and the pain of missing a girl that made me feel what I have never felt in my life.

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