My first trip to Abuja and Zaria episode 2

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I quickly wash down, making sure that i washed away every lagos boy spirit out of my system. After I took my bath, i went to my room to gather my stuffs which I was going with.
My elder sister was ready and waiting for me to finish up. She had already taken her bath before me and was applying her make up (girl’s style).
When I was done, i carried my luggage and we went to see my mum, to tell her that I was about to leave for the trip.
We met her in her room still sleeping, so we woke her up. She stood up with a sleepy eyes, but with all her brain function high and well. She held our hands and prayed for my sis and most especially me (Dindy).
We met our grandmother, who also prayed for me and blessed me with good words. My dad wasn’t around that morning, he had traveled for his business and was to return in three days time.
My big brother (Ugonna) was busy teasing me alot, telling me things that I don’t really care about. I knew he was going to miss me alot, but he was trying to hide it inside him. Little did he know that he was showing it off with the way he acted and behaved.
My Aunty woke up right when we were about to head out the front door, she called my name, slowing our movement.
She followed us out side the front door to the gate. She didn’t miss any chance to tease me, with the help of my big bro.
We all walked until we got to the road side, where we would enter keke, which would take us to igando and from there we would enter another bus, which would take us to iyanaida.
At first, when we got to the road side, we didn’t see anybody, not even a single being, so we stood and waited for a while because it was too early.
After minutes of waiting, we saw a keke driving close to us. We stopped him and i said my good byes to them.
Within 5mins, we got to igando, then we paid the keke man and went to where we would enter a bus to iyanaiba.
We entered a bus, which was not yet ready to move because it was not filled with passengers. We couldn’t enter another bus because there wasn’t another bus to enter.
–I don’t blame the driver or conductor because it was very early in the morning and there was hardly any passenger, and that day was a sunday.–
After 30mins, the bus was filled with passengers, but our time had been brunt up by them. The driver drove fast, but not fast enough for me. To me, he was stepping on the brake pedal.
We finally got to iyanaiba, but the journey was not over. We quickly came down the bus and crossed to the other side of the road, where we would see a bus going to mile 2.
When we crossed to the other side, It didn’t take us anytime to see a bus that was going to mile 2 –remember iyanaiba is always a busy place, they never sleep–.
The bus we entered, moved immediately we sat down, saving a little time for us to meet up with the time.
When we finally got to “THE YOUNG SHALL GROW” motor part, we quickly came down the bus and went to showcase my ticket. Unluckily for me, I came too late and my spot in the first bus was taken.
The second bus was were I got a spot to sit and it was at the window side –I totally love window sides–………

To be continue.

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