My first trip to Abuja and Zaria episode 4

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The car broke down due to an unknown fault, so we had to all come down and wait for the mechanic who was already on his way coming.
We came down, some sat out side the park’s roof while others went under the park’s roof. We sat there for more than two hours, waiting for the mechanic to come fix the car.
I sat under the park’s roof and the beautiful lady that sat beside me in the bus, was sitting in my front reading bible –My people, she is so beautiful that the angels would fall from the heavens just because of her–.
After 2 hours of our time being wasted, the mechanic came. He came without his complete tools because he didn’t have it in mind that he would encounter such mishap.
Luckily for us, an engineer –Not specialized in motor engines — was amongst us. He brought out his tools for the mechanic to use. After 30mins the job was done and we were ready to continue the long trip to Abuja.
After we entered, our loads which were parked down, were parked back at the door side. The driver kicked off the engine and we continued our journey.
The driver switched on the ac and it blew strongly, cooling the bus. Few minutes later, the beautiful lady sitting beside me started feeling cold. Luckily for her I brought my cardigan
–I didn’t need the cardigan because of the tough-cotton long-sleeve clothe I wore. I brought it along because i knew that someone sitting beside me would need it.–
I gave it to her and she thanked me, at first I thought she was the forming type, but little did I know that she was very friendly.
As the bus moved on, the beautiful lady beside me looked at me and asked me what i was typing –Yea I had been typing and reading the bible, for me to be able, to properly write the story “ANGELS”–.
I told her that I was writing a story and that I’m a writer, she then asked me, whether I was writing the incident that was going on.
I replied her ‘No’.
I gave her my story “Nightmare” to read and after she read it, she was amazed by it, she loved it. And from there, one thing lead to another and another to exchange of phone numbers and names.
She said her Name was “Ugochi”, when i was saving her number –I won’t lie to you guys, I would have loved to date her, but she’s older than me, so I got to respect her like my elder sister–.
After she read “Nightmare”, I gave her my second story “Rape” to read, as she read it, she got sleepy and told me that she wanted to sleep, so she gave me back my phone and slept off.
An hour later, the bus started the problem again, then a man and the engineer said “it’s the nozzle or it could be bad fuel”.
It started moving at a slow speed, which got every one crying unhappily. The driver later concluded that, it was the fuel he bought from NNPC filling station, at the early stage of the journey.
He switched off the ac again, to see whether it would stop, but it didn’t. He parked the bus and tried rectifying the problem.
He knew what to do because he saw the way the mechanic fixed it, he quickly told the front sitters to step down, so he could tap the nozzle to adjust it a little.
They came down and he did what he wanted to. When he was done, they entered back and our journey continued.
He then said “Please don’t be offended, the ac won’t be switched on for now because of the problem we are facing”.
The Yoruba woman sitting beside Aunty Ugochi –I prefer and like calling her aunty Ugochi because she is older than me and also beautiful — Said “Abeg no on am o, e better make we dey like this, at least breeze go dey blow us”, she said……

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To be continued

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