My first trip to Abuja and Zaria episode 6

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Morning came and I had to find my way out by myself to my uncle’s house, which was not part of the plan at the beginning. My uncle’s wife had sent me a text message with the address of the , that morning by 5am, to inform me that I would have to find my way by myself.
When I saw the message, I stood up from the place I sat quickly because I was going to travel to Zaria that very Monday morning. I then went to where I dropped my cardigan and luggage, to pick them up.
I wore my cardigan and picked up my luggage with my left hand, which was kinda heavy because of the stuffs in it.
I then picked up the big bottle of large wine which was given to me by my dad, to give my uncle. I held the large wine in my right hand.
I went straight outside, to ask a Northerner that was right at the entrance of the park, where people entered to buy tickets.
The Northerner was selling suya, but it was so less attractive to me. I walked up to him because he looks like someone that has being there for years and would know places around there.
When I asked him about the address of the place, he told me that he didn’t know the place.
I then asked another lady, but it was still the same case. I then went out side the park and saw two bikers.
I decided to ask one of them. As I walked up to the biker, a man was calling me, saying “Bro come make we go lagos na”.
In my mind, I was like “Place wey I just dey come from, you wan con want make I go back, shey you wan kill me?”.
“Bro you no dey go again”, he asked.
I just kept quite and went to meet the biker. I passed the first biker and went to the second biker.
When I asked him, he said he didn’t know the place, then I showed him the address on my phone.
He said, “oh it’s ‘Ado'”.
I said, “I guess so”.
He then charged me “250 Naira” to take me there.
I said to him, “You will take me to ‘Ado’, close to Innovative school”.
He then said, “You will pay ‘300 Naira'”.
I wanted to be sure of the price he said, so I asked “300 Naira” for everything ba?”.
He replied, “Yes”.
Without wasting time, I gave him my small bag which had a small wine in it, then I placed the gigantic wine on my laps.
As we moved, the early morning cold air, blew with the same speed we moved.
“Thank God say I wear my cardigan ooo, if not cold for show me pepper”, I said in my mind.
I looked around as the bike fired with speed, enjoying everything I saw for the first time.
He got to a road, then he stoped. Inside me, i knew we had gotten to “ADO”.
He then turned to me and asked me, “What is the name of that place again?”.
I then said, “Innovation school”.
He wasn’t sure of the road to take, so he asked another biker, who then directed us the right way.
After minutes of dancing up and down the area, trying to get the right place where my uncle actually stayed, we got there and i was welcome into my uncle’s house properly well.
I went inside and had my bath. After bathing, I then gave him what my dad told me to give him. He smiled much and laughed when he saw the large wine………………….

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