My first trip to Abuja and Zaria episode 8

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When I finally got to Zaria, I came down from the bus and trekked down the bridge, then walked to a refilling station which was not too far from the bridge.
I didn’t know anyone or anywhere around there, so I had to ask people for me to find my way around. I saw two men talking, so I walked up to them, to ask them where the school was located.
When I met them, i asked them where I could find the school and with no lagging, they told me where it was and how to get there –The school is very popular over there. There’s no living human being, who doesn’t know the school over there—.
I did as I was instructed and in no time, I found myself walking to the gate of the large school, with my luggage and a bottle of plastic coke –Big boy things ;)–.
When I got inside the school, the officers at the big gate, stopped me and asked me where I was going. I told them that, I came to write the examination that would be commencing the next day.
I then called my uncle, who told me to call him immediately I got to the school, because he wanted to call his friend, who would house and feed me throughout the examination.
The officers directed me to a building, after I had called my uncle and he told me the name of the man, and what department he worked.
I walked, carrying my luggage along like a Lagos boy. When I got into the building, I found another officer, on the reception desk.
I told him what I came for and who I came to see, so he told me to sit and wait for him. He told me that, the person i was looking for, was in a meeting.
After minutes of waiting, I called my uncle to give me the man’s number. I then called him and he picked it.
He told me that he was at the entrance of the school, and I should come right away.
I quickly stood up with my luggage and plastic coke, then walked fast to the gate. When I got there, he was waiting for me and talking to his brother, with his hands on his red beautiful car.
After little talks here and there, i entered his car and drove to a school close by, to pick his kids. When we got to his kid’s school, he parked and told me to wait for him.
The sun was high hot in the sky, shining bast*rdly-heavily with no mercy.
I was inside the car and the sun was burning me badly, there was no shed for me to hide under, I felt like dying at that point –I swear North sun worst pass Lagos own oooo–.
Finally he came, with his kids and happiness filled my whole being. Within minutes, we got to his house and then I was taken to the boys quarter to rest.
When i got to the boys quarter, I pull all I had on me off and went to take my bath. After bathing, I opened up my books to read more because of the exams I was going to write the next day.
As I was reading time moved and the sun dropped down. Nepa took the light and within seconds it was brought back –I swear Lagos na place of darkness___, their is always light in Zaria 24/7 non stop, unlike Lagos–.
As I read my books, the maid –I think–, came to call me to come eat in the dining. After she left, I closed my books and went to the dining to eat my food, which was already waiting for me.
After eating, I went back to the boys quarter, to continue reading and reading.
I couldn’t continue writing the story “ANGELS”, at that time because my soul and mind were too focused on passing the examination. I didn’t even switch on my data throughout.
The three other guys that stayed there with me, hardly came around, so I was all alone, which was what I really needed –I like staying alone, far away from the real world–.
My phone started ringing and the caller was my elder sis (Chioma), I picked it and we talked about everything. I told her about my doubts and the depression I felt.
She spoke life back into me and told me not to fear, that I would do great.
After I dropped the call, I was back to normal, all my depression left and strength from above came and filled my heart –I really love my elder sis (Chioma), she is the best and has always supported me. There is no other sister, in this world like her–.
The next day by 7am, I packed all I needed to write the exams and was ready for the exams which was to start by 9am. I went to tell the man who housed me, that I was going to the school to write the exams.
He then asked me whether I knew my way, I told him yes. He wished me good luck and i thanked him.
I left his house and boarded a bus going towards the school’s direction. Luckily for me, someone in the bus was going the same way i was –That place na small small buses oo, all this over hustling no dey there. Over there, everything na jeje o–.
When the person got to his stop, he spoke Hausa language and the driver stopped. After the person came down, I jumped down too, seeing the school right beside.
I walked into the school and was stopped by the officers that where there, on what I was there for.
I told them that, I came to write the exams which was going to take place that very day.
They directed me to another building, which was on the right hand side. I walked towards the building and on my way close to it, I met a crazy guy (Ola).
I met another guy (Abubarka), when I and ola went to an office where we were directed, to drop our credentials.  From there, we all became friends.
We were then told, to hold on to it and we should go to where the exams would take place. We went there and saw others, also waiting to take the exams.
When the exams started, we were told not to take our phones in, so I had to look for a trusted face to keep my phone with.
After I gave my phone to a guy, I discovered that my pencil was broken, so I had to sharpen it.
While I was sharpening my pencil out side the hall, others where already sitted waiting for the exam to start.
After I was done, I walked into the hall and all eyes where on me.
–Asin ehn, the way I take dress na die, in fact people think say I be bloody rich kid, but dem no know ___ [laughs] dem daddy ;)____lagos boy movement :)–…….. To be continue JARE.

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