My fucked up story (18+) episode 10

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you may come with book you wish ” she managed to say after much hesitation ” sweetdreams, see you tomorrow justice “. She said and hungup.
I started wondering why on earth she would not honour the invitation of Emeka her boyfriend, anyways thats non of my business, not too long sleep came knocking and I had to open door for it.

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The next day, the joy of seeing my crush blessing overwelmed me, I did my morning chores fast, wore my school uniform weaved my shoe lace colorfully , this was a popular style back then. Everything set, I headed to school.
Nothing will stop me from talking to Blessing today, I am going to break that jinx, the thing don too much for my body.I was really formulating the type of lie I will blow to her, but it seems my pocket of lies is in deep recession, I couldnt find any, as dry as sahara desert. I decided to giveup on lies and be honest in my plight.
The first person I saw when I entered the school gate was corper Esther, the lady set die, I had always wished she was mine but wishes are free but reality is what comes with a sacrifice which I am not ready to pay. So since she is far within my reach I had to respect myself, corper blessing is always fond of me for reasons best known to her.
I started using eye to search for my Blessing, the girl that caught my fancy, the adorable crush. When I saw her in their class my heart skipped a beat. I stood there gazing at her, admiring her so much, immediately she turned as if been told someone is watching her, our eyes met and I ran away quickly to our class before one could say jack.
Back then in School, I was a phone guru, I change phones like clothes to the extent people started suspecting me but they never knew the secret, I dont steal infact I have never taken what is not mine and never had a bad record in the community as a whole, I sell most of the phones in school and make my money, people come to me from all nooks and crannies of the community just to configure phones for them and ofcourse they must pay lol. I was using Nokia N70 then, very costly then, I have all the nokia files you need in my xplorer because I copied it from my system to the big memory card before I came to the village. I make up to 1000naira daily in school sending games, themes and applications to students.
Now this is how I get those phones, I am very smart with suger coated tongue, I know how to fine tune you towards buying my market and at the end you wont feel cheated, lets assume I have nokia E63 and I see you using e72 I will approach you and ask you weather you want to sell that your phone, if yes, I will go ahead and tell you I am using e63, I will bring it out and show you loaded application, telling you so many features you are not aware of that the phone carries, after my long sermon, you endup giving me that phone with little ballancing or “counter ballance” as we normally call it. Sometimes you will be the one to pay ontop of the phone. So you go and enjoy my unique apps. Although most time I buy from the city at a cheaper rate through same swaping and sell at a higher rate in the community.

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