My fucked up story (18+) episode 11

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The school dismissed, I hurried down to block 3 to know if I could meet my queen to be, blessing. but before I could search for her in order to pour my fulll basket of
love and admiration…she has gone home, damn! I will leave it tomorrow then,my people has a popular saying or proverb that goes like this ” Anu gbalaa taa, echi ka bu nta ”
meaning “if a bushmeat escapes today, dont worry, the hunting continues tomorrow ”
going to her house is a suicidal mission. The fear of her Father is something else. Story has it that the man is a retired biafran soldier who fought gallantly in the battle field, very tall, fair and able bodied. The day he dealt with the guy that wanted to molest her daughter in the village stream was the day the village boys started avoiding all his female children. It was rummoured that He beat the young man in his twenties merciless, with one hand holding the guys foot he suspended him in the air and used the other hand to rain blows all over him, they said after he finished beating him, he flung him into the bush and went home. Na this kind man you wan make I go enter his den. Haba, my people life has no duplicate. Although people have their way of spicingup Stories to suit their taste so that the story go sweet die for their mouth lol.
I went home straight to restrategise and reformulate on my next move. when I entered my room I took my lunch, just did justice to the remaining bread and tea, no time to cook now and was about retiring to the bed when I remembered linda! As if I just sent a telepathic msg to her
My phone started ringing
(black and yellow
black and yelow
yea. Aha you know
what it is…….. )
that was my ringing tone, I have forgotten the name of the artist that sang that song, I think its wiz khalifa or thereabout, not quite certain though about the artist. Immediately when I pickedup I saw Linda on the screen.
” hello linda ”
” are you coming, i am waiting for you ” she said
” yes I just remembered, I will be on my way now ”
” alright, pls hurryup oo I will be waiting ” she hungup.I picked my literature textbook, bolted my door and zoomed off.

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