My fucked up story (18+) episode 2

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Sure I never had the courage to woo a lady then, I dont know why but I am a badoo in my hood because I run things in my own way with some guys, infact I have never been intimidated by fellow guys and that has earned me huge respect in my neighbourhood, although I am not a cultist but I am smart, but when it comes to girls matter the thing just tire me like that popular lion meme on nairaland lol. I just cant explain maybe I never grewup with one except my mum or maybe there is something strange about them I am yet to discover. Chioma and I had been rolling together in school even though non has openedup but we knew within ourselves that we are inlove, I have never used the word “love” on her because I was scared of that dreaded word, and besides I lack the courage. She would call me every now and then even in midnight, that was when It occured to me that we were deceiving ourselves. I don wink tire for her sotey my eyeball con dey pain me. The girl even went to the extent of carrying my mobile phone contact off hand, we read together, chat and go home together, I had begged her severally to come visiting but all her reply would always be “when I have chance I will come” until I got fedup of the reply and swore never to remind her of that. Its quite obvious we are inlove and madly inlove which she is aware. I have madeup my mind to bleep this time, I just wan bleep her and see how it goes but she never honoured my invitation afterall.
Now here she is, inside my room, I couldnt believe my eyes…..

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