My fucked up story (18+) episode 7

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Second term in ss3 yet I never tested any pu$$y, not that I don’t have girls drooling over me, but the problem is that I lack the guts,
I madeup my mind to woo a beautiful junior student I have been giving an eagle’s eye, her name was Blessing, blessing was my age mate, fair and very beautiful, even corpers no gree the girl rest to show you the extent of her charming beauty. I discovered the girl is crushing on me too so I decided to go home and prepare for a well calculated attack, lol.
I decided to consult emeka the pu$$y smasher this time, I had to swallow my pride and meet him because I could remember telling him, ‘dating many girls is not an achievement’ that statement I usually use to console my ill-fate with women.
” Mekus! mekus!”
” this one you dey call me like this I hope I am safe, because I know you very well” he replied me copying his note, the boy never copy note whenever a teacher is writing note for us on the chalkboard, he prefer collecting from fellow guys from the back seat, i.e people from the “oche azu local government” as it was popularly called back then, I dey blame am? me nko, My own na just to jote, I dont have time to copy note either but I know what I am upto, I save most of them upstairs and jote few downstairs, lol. I prefer staying in the back seat with them because there is never a dull moment with those guys. All efforts from the teachers to separate me from the back seat proved futile because I know the joy I derive from being a back bencher and besides I am a serious introvert.
” this man, wetin dey worry you sef, c’mon give me that note ” I said jokingly, before he knew what was happening I have collected the note and hurriedly went down the school coridor, I like playing rough and offensive game with my friends, it seems its a game we enjoy playing together, you just get pissed off for the moment and you forget it, thats how we roll. Like in some cases, a student will tiptoe, come at ur back without your knowledge and screem into your ear, or fold his two fingers, the right thumb and the one close to it and give you a terrible snap on your ear lobe, lol that hurts.
Emeka kept chasing me until he gaveup, I told him I will release the note on one condition, if only he will tell me how he affords to get those girls.
” hahahahaha, conji go kee you one day this boy, stay there and be doing holy holy”
” haba emeka reduce your voice na, see how you are shouting, you wan make this people hear am” I almost wispered, looking around to see if any one is eavesdropping.
” you dey fear? ” he querried trying so hard not to laugh.
” fear who, taaa, dem no born that person well? ”
” ok I will tell you later, you will follow me to my girlfriends place after school, I will reveal everything to you as we walk down the road,” atleast thats convincing, I gave him the note and returned back to class to continue copying.

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