My love is real episode 6

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Episode 6
I served her food and drink
Christian: u got a cool apartment over here
Me; thanks jare
Girl : so any thing for the guest
Me: I think so
Christian; oya am waiting
I closed the door behind I hold her head looked into her eye then our head start locating each other. It lead to a hot romance the s*x after that. After that we discuss bfor she left
Christian: bad guy
Me: na u bad pass
Christian: anyway I love your koboko
Me: you hot thanks
When she was about to live I gained another erection I went close to her I told her I love her.
Christian: hmm but I told you I don’t need a guy at the moment
Me: pls I love you give me a chance
We debated on it for some time be for she said OK will think of it.
I happily held her head ones small we started to kiss again I fingered her. When I was about taking off her skirt she help my hand I resumed socking her nipple until she cumed .
I f**ked her for about 16min before I cumed.
Christian: u self. I don’t know why I easily allow u to use me
Me: am not using you, I love you girl
Girl :I have to start going now
Me: OK let me see u off then
I saw her off, she board a bike a payed the bike man then it zoomed off. When I was going back different thought keep coming to my mind.

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