My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 11

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“One Ibadan girl just said TFC and KFC are twin brothers. Taiwo and Kehinde friend chicken. I cried”
Initially I was lost. I couldn’t see the lion but I was hearing a huge sound like that of a big speaker coming from somewhere in the Zoo but I thought there was a church service going on and the pastor was probably at the top of his voice. I asked the Popcorn seller where the lion was. It was at that point that the lion was roaring. Then he simply said; that is it! Mehn, God is wonderful! An hour later, my peeps arrived. Eka was looking beautiful with her make up as usual while Jessica was looking stunning. It just shows that they are enjoying the city of Ibadan. Some minutes later, Sylvia and Precious showed up. They were really looking good I must confess. I paid for their tickets and we all moved in. It was one of the best moments have had this year. They were really cracking me up and I was enjoying their company. We took different sorts of pictures together all thanks to Eka, the talented photographer and model among us. When it was past 5, we all left the place and went to our different homes hoping to have such outing again very soon and probably after our passing out.
When you talk of notorious armed robbers in Nigeria, you mention the likes of Lawrence Anini, and co, but in this case in this part of Ibadan, the Alamala boys is well popular. They have been raging the area for some time now it seems the police couldn’t see anything to do about them. On the 5th of August, on a typical Friday night was the day Goddy and I will never forget in a long while. Goddy and I was watching a movie on African magic on our Go-TV decoder. We were so engrossed in the movie so much that we couldn’t hear that Baba Ibadan was screaming at the top of his voice,”yeeeeeeeee, mogbe o! Egba mi o! We thought it was the usual stunt that Baba Ibadan and his wife do pull whenever they are fighting. This your Uncle don start again this night. Goddy said. I tell you. Am getting tired of this house. If not that we just have some few months left, I would I suggested that we should park out of this house. I replied. Almost immediately, we heard “ko ko ko on our door. Who be that? Goddy said while standing up from the bed. Immediately he unlocked the door with the key, the person outside the door kicked the door with his leg. I was startled where I sat. Goddy was also shocked too and he was about to tear for the person when we saw the Ak47 held by the person that entered, I knew we are in for a long thing.

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