My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 14

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“It is only in Ibadan that driver use hand to trafficate even when the car trafficator is still intact…You will be hearing “So poo rowo mi? (Will you say you didn’t see my hand?)”
I couldn’t believe what I just heard. The mama G was raped! OMG! How can this people be so heartless? Lot of things was popping in my head. I left her room in silence and headed to my own room to know the state of my room. When I got inside, I met Goddy eating. I needed no invitation to join him.
Goddy: Guy, where you go now? Wetin dey do you?
OBS: Guy, the thief matter tire me joor.. I just hope Baba Ibeji is just fine sha. Na who go take care of his pikin? You no how mad his wife be.
Goddy: Wetin for pain me pass na the soup wey we just cook. If to say dem carry am go ehn, nah hin for pain me pass.
OBS: Did you know they got to Ify’s room?
Goddy: What? Goddy exclaimed and in the process, dropping the morsel of Eba in his hands which dropped in the soup and it spilled on my face!
OBS: Wetin dey worry you now? (Trying to get water to wash my face)
Goddy: Guy, no vex. The thing shock me now. Hope dem no touch her sha. Even if dem touch her, na she sabi.
OBS: U wicked! What if she is your sister?
Goddy: Guy forget that thing joor.
After washing my face, Goddy continued eating while I was in search of my towel to clean my face properly when I saw a phone which was stained with soup. I picked it and asked Goddy, where you see phone now? Why you let your mumu phone fall inside the soup?
Goddy: Guy, no be so. Na the time wey I dey warm the soup na hin I discover say he be like say something wey strong dey inside. Checking it, I see say na phone but I don’t have time to check who owns it.
I thought about it very well and adding one plus one together, this phone was owned by one of the armed robbers and if there is a way to catching the thieves, this phone will be our guide.
I cleaned the phone and tried to power it on but it seems the phone don drink soup tire. I took it an engineer at Iwo road. After about an hour, he got it working again!

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