My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 15

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“You sent her 1k recharge card, she loaded it and now flashed u. U with only N30 on your phone will now call her and ask her if she has loaded it… Bro come forward, No I won’t beat you oh, Just come forward, Oyah keep shouting FIRE!”
Immediately I left the engineer’s place, I went to the police station. I met with the officer at the counter and I requested to see the DPO. I was taken to the DPO’s office and I explained everything to him. He sprung into work immediately, taking the phone to the ICT department to run some checks on the phone. I never knew Ibadan people sef get technology like that. I only see it in American movies. The DPO thanked me and promised to call me if there is any development on it. When I got home, I told Goddy about everything and he advised I should be careful because you can never trust police. They can as well turn the case back to your head. My people, na so he be?
6 days later, I received a call from the DPO informing me that the gangs has been arrested and I should come to the station and see things for myself. I was happy. Am not doing this for anything but to know who actually led them to our house and most importantly, who raped Ify. About an hour later, Goddy and I got to the station. We went straight to the DPO’s office and he was very happy to see me. He thanked me for assisting them in getting the boys. He called one of the sergeant to bring one of the boys that was arrested. Some minutes later, two guys was dragged to the DPO’s office and what I see made me want to go mad. KABIRU AJANLEKOKO! I screamed

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