My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 17

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“Gala is now N70, Handkerchief is now N70, Titus Sardine is now N300, smallest detergent is N30, Smallest bread N80, Egg roll with half egg N80, Is the trumpet not ready to be blown?
I woke up this morning having a slight headache. It was just as if I just finished a race with Usian Bolt because the rate at which I was breathing was quite alarming. I just had a terrible nightmare where I dreamt I was kidnapped by some ritualist and we were taken to an unknown destination where we were all killed. God Forbid! I breathed calmly then I rose up from the bed to pray. After praying for like 5 minutes, I looked up and I was surprised to see Goddy already dressed ready to go out.
Goddy: Obs, wetin do you? Why were you breathing heavily like that? I saw you when you woke up and all the drama you were performing while praying. What’s wrong?
OBS: Guy, I had a very bad dream. And you know I don’t joke with my dreams. They somehow come to pass if I am not careful about it.
Goddy: Guy, you don come again with this your dream. Abi na because you no chop go sleep yesterday na hin dey affect you?
OBS: Oops! (Then it occurred to me that truly we didn’t have anything for dinner yesterday)
Goddy: See you. Na hungry dey do you. You better stand up and let’s go for CDS joor.
Goddy was right. Hunger could make you have a bad dream at times. The economic recession going on in the country is virtually affecting everybody. Gone were those days when you dream that you were eating pounded yam, Jollof rice, fried rice, Chicken, Turkey, even Elephant Meat. Now a days, you can’t even dream of such again. The economic recession has affected the witches and wizards. Dem sef don see food chop, talk-less of giving to someone else? I brushed aside the thought of the dream and headed straight to the bathroom. After 15 minutes, I was back in the room but the atmosphere I left it was not the way I met it.

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