My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 21

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“They applauded the white man that discovered the airplane that travelled to London in 7hrs but overlooked a black woman that can travel to London in 30min… Oya tell me when Racism will stop”
Who gave our pot red bull? Cos the last time I watched the advert, I heard “it gives you wings’! Goddy and I were both fixed on one spot not knowing what to do. I couldn’t help but to cry. Infact, I didn’t know when tears started streaming down from my eyes. Guy, u dey cry? Goddy asked. No am not crying. Yes, na tears of Joy. I replied bitterly. I dey come. Goddy said. He walked angrily out of the kitchen and I could see he was heading to the boys quarters. I ran fast so as to meet up with him. Remember I once said there was only two rooms at the boy’s quarters. One was rented by a guy who only come home during the weekend while the other one was rented by Chukwudi. Nobody knows the type of work Chukwudi does but we all know he is capable of stealing a whole pot of 6 hungry man size noodles because of his history which I heard from Baba ibeji. Goddy and I stopped in front of Chukwudi’s room and we could perceive the aroma of noodles everywhere. Without waiting for any invitation or question whether to knock or not, we bagged inside his room. Lo and behold, Chukwudi was busy devouring our noodles with one of his friend called Thomas. They were shocked to see us. At that moment, I could feel the breath of Goddy but I just couldn’t understand what was happening to him. The next thing I saw was Goddy descending on Chukwudi and his friend. All my efforts to separate Goddy from the boys was futile and it has to take the intervention of Baba Ibeji to stop Godwin. Where did Godwin get that kind of strength from? Ever since that day, one of us always stay in the kitchen to monitor whatever we are cooking. You want to ask about Chukwudi and his friend? Well, they spent 3 days at the hospital. Ever since then, whenever either of them saw any of us, they always hail us. Brother corper, welcome! I hail Oga mi
#Back to the present#
After the man had pointed to the both of us, the man with the key looked at us and said, “They are okay. You’ve brought a good market this time. Bangrajan will be willing to pay you the full money this time around. I won’t collect less than N200, 000 this time o. The man said. When you meet him, tell him that. The man with the key said and they turned to leave through the same door.

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