My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 22

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“To all the guys breaking up and giving rubbish excuses to their spouses just because of Christmas, the thunder that want to fire you ehn is still doing warm up”
It is morning already and now I could see the faces of the people in the room with us. I could see 5 women, just in their skirt and bra looking tired and ragged. I could also see some young girls still with their school uniform on and three other men. Lastly, my face caught a female figure on a white short and a white round neck. She looked tired as well. What are all these?
Goddy: Obs! Na we that man dey price like chicken?
OBS: Guy, I tire o. So the both of us just worth 200k.
Goddy: O boy, I tire o. Come o. Wey the allowy wey we collect yesterday? (Trying to check his pocket then he realized his trousers are gone) Allowy don go oooo.
OBS: Is it about allowy now or how we are going to leave here?
Goddy: What are we going to do?. What should we do?
OBS: Dunno…..I was thinking if…….
Before I could finish the statement, we heard the sound of the key trying to open the door. Immediately, Goddy and I kept quiet. The man with the key later came in and moved to one of the old woman among us. The woman was sleeping so the man had to kick her hard to wake her up. I was just looking with amazement. How can a man be so wicked? Killing your fellow human being for money? It’s such a wicked world. (I sighs)
Ki ni oruko e? (What is your name?) The man with the key asked? The woman was so weak and it takes like forever before the woman managed to answer “Monsurat Akintolu”. Immediately the woman said her name, the man hit her on the shoulder and she was dumb and seems unconscious.
Haaa! The rest of the woman shouted. E gbenu soun! (Shut up) The the man lifted the woman up and when he was close to the door, he turned back and said “Iwo ni okan lola” (It’s your turn tomorrow) The man pointed to one woman who was having her back to the wall. Haaaa! The rest of the people shouted! Hot tears was coming down from the woman’s eyes. Goddy and I was still surprised as everything happening there was just like a movie to us. I managed to drag myself to where the woman was and asked her. Iya, bawo le se de ibi? (Woman, how did you get here?) She managed to clean the tears away from her eyes and she explained…”I am a widow. I live in Lagos and I was journeying from Ibadan to lagos. Due to the increase in transport fare at the garage, I decided to go to the express where I could get a cheaper bus to Lagos instead of going to the garage. Then this particular bus came with just 5 passengers in it. Eko! (Lagos). I asked the driver the price and he said it’s just 300 naira. I was happy that I could get it so cheap. Immediately I entered the bus, it was not up to 15 minutes that we passed Quarry, I noticed everyone in the bus has slept. I didn’t know when I slept too and by the time I opened my eyes, I found myself here”….Hmmmmm (I breathed in). So far, how long have you been here? I asked.
I have spent 9days here. I don’t know how God will save me from this but I promise I will never enter a bus on the highway again. She cried bitterly.

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