My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 23

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“Girls should keep writing “where did we first meet” until the day your doctor will slide in your comment and reply” The Day you come for an abortion. That day, you will know that people have been reading your comments”
Goddy and I was just looking like a mumu. What are we going to do? Is this where we are going to end our lives? Upon all the suffering from primary school. We kon dey serve our fatherland nah in we go just die like this? Goddy said. I looked sadly away from Goddy and faced the woman. How do they operate? Who is that man that carried that woman away?
The Woman: He is the keeper as far as I know.
OBS: Is this how he come every time?
The woman: Yes, that is how he comes every time. He asked anybody he chooses their name and after the person has replied, he would hit them with his left hand and they will fall unconscious. After that, we only hear screams of pains towards the back here.
OBS: Hmmmm….Why the left hand? Why did he not always use his right hand?
The woman: I suspect he has a ring on his middle finger. So immediately he hits you with the ring, you are gone.
OBS: Oh God. (Shaking my head) Is there any day he has come here and he failed to carry someone out?
The woman: Yes. (Then she points to one man) That hausa man has been taking out and returned back again.
OBS: Really? Then something must be wrong. Let me see him probably we might have a solution then…
I managed to drag myself away from the woman and I moved to where the man was. I sat beside him and asked:
OBS: That woman over there said you have been taken out before and returned back here. What really happened?
Hausa man: Kei! Yaro. No disturb me
OBS: Sir, I only understand little Hausa. I am a corp member. Please talk to me. Your response might help us find a solution here.
Hausa man: Hmmmm…Wen dat man I come, I talk say wetin be my name? I no gree tell am. After he try make I talk wey I no talk, naso he drag me out. He kon carry me go backyard. The backyard be like abattoir. Everywhee dey smell. Blood dey ground walahi! Human body dey inside baf! Allah! (The man cried)
OBS: Hmmmm….Why didn’t they kill you? Did you see the person killing them?
Hausa Man: Yes. I see the man. Na him dey kill anybody wey dem carry go
OBS: For how long have you been here?
Hausa man: Kai! Na two weeks be this
I took a deep breath and I started thinking of our chance of escaping out of this den. God help me! Lead me through. Next to the hausa man was the lady I caught a glimpse of the other time, Ever since the man with the key left, she has been crying.
OBS: Hey, hey, its okay. How did you get here?
The lady: I was actually going to Edo state from lagos. I went to Lagos to visit my father who was ill at home. I serve in Edo state. I has to meet up for the monthly clearance the next day. I got (a) bus at berger and before I know it, we all slept off.

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