My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 25

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“When I go to someone’s house and they tell me to make myself at home. The first thing I do is throw them out because I don’t like visitors”
The next morning came. The rays of the sun has shone through the window inside the room. Goddy and I sat close to each other with our hands and legs tied. Some minutes later, we heard the changing sound of the keys trying to open the door. The man with the key is here again to carry out his usual duty. Then I said to Goddy, this is the time to showcase our talent. All the American films we do watch, all the Chinese films, the wrestling moves must not go as a waste. We must make use of them today or never!
Immediately the man entered, the woman who know she was the one he was coming for started crying bitterly. I felt pity for her. Is that the end of the road for her? Maybe not yet, I said to myself. I looked at Goddy then he nodded. All other people was awake and they were witnessing how the woman was about to be taken away. Immediately the man got hold of the woman and was about asking the woman her name, Godwin said Sir, please I want to urinate. I can’t urinate here. The man left the woman and came closer to where we were, he bent down to look at Goddy’s face and said, Yeye corper, urinate here. Then he spat on Goddy’s face. That should do it I guess. Goddy’s rage increased to 150%. He didn’t even wait for me to give him the go-ahead before he systematically removed the rope from his hands and tied it around the man’s neck. I knew its show time! I stood up, kicked the man and he fell. Goddy tightened the rope on the man’s neck while I held his two legs together and before we knew it, the man was a gunner!
Now that the man is dead, Goddy and I cut out the ropes used in tying the people down and the next thing on our mind was how to get out of here. I signaled to the Hausa man to come over then I tell him “Since you’ve been out before, did you by mistake see any gate or entrance by which we could escape?
Hausa Man: There is only one gate and that is the main gate, the main entrance but I know there is a small gate at the backyard where we can pass.
If I am to read anything to what he said, there is a small gate entrance at the backyard and if there is a means to escape with all these people away from here, then it has to be the backyard and we have to be cautious. I peeped through the door to see the main entrance and all I could see was an old man seating down with a hunter’s gun resting on another chair beside him and with the way I looked at him, the man had slept off.
“Everyone is busy hating their Ex, but chill first, has it ever occurred to you that you might actually be the reason why it didn’t work out?”

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