My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 28

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“The economy in Nigeria has become really bad that even the black woman who used to give food in the dream have stopped”
We were taken to Aladoja police station where we met with the DPO named Mr. Julius. Goddy and I explained our ordeals to him and he was really shocked we came out alive and also he complemented our bravery by trying to rescue everyone in the den. He asked us the local govt we are serving with a promise to contact our Local government inspector. He said they will still be needing us for questioning and also we will have to help them further in their investigation and if possible join their team to rescue the rest of the people in the hands of the ritualist. The woman, the female corper and the Hausa man was released to go to their homes while Goddy and I was told not to go home yet. At the end of that day, Inspector Julius lodged us in a hotel and he told us to feel free and ask for anything we wanted. That night was one of the best night Goddy and I has had in a long while. We ate a plate of fried rice and chicken with another round of pounded yam with assorted meat. Goddy even stepped it down with a bottle of beer while I had to settle for a chilled 5 alive juice. Ko,ko,ko! That was a heavy knock on our door. It was 11.41am already. I didn’t know we have slept for so long. The knock keep coming and this time, it was coming harder. I managed to get up from the bbed to open the door and lo and behold, it was inspector Julius. Good morning Gentlemen. It is time. My team is ready. You will have to help us so we can know the way. It’s time to save some lives.

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