My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 29

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“Because someone don’t have N50 for transport fare, he trekked and trekked under the hot sun until his shadow left him and entered bike” Recession!
Few minutes later we were both in the DPO’s car, on a mission where we don’t even know how it will end. Whether we will come out alive or dead. The DPO informed us that we will only show them the way while his men would take care of things. Goddy and I was the one directing the police convoy in the bush. It got to a point when the car can’t move further so we had to continue on foot. Inspector Julius went to the back of the car and picked a bullet proof vest from the truck. He ordered his men to remember to wear their vest and make no noise as they moved while Goddy and I led the way. We have not walked for about 1400 metres when I spotted Goddy’s white shirt on the tree. Then I know we were on the right track. Inspector Julius came to us to ask whats it about the white shirt and told him Godwin hanged it there while we were resting. This shows we are getting closer to the dungeon. After a walk of about 20 minutes, we located the building. Inspector Julius split his men into these and ordered them to surround the building. Julius took one last look at his AK47, they were going in hot against the ritualists. Bangrajan stood in the slaughter room waiting impatiently, they should have brought the woman here already, and he didn’t know what was taking them long. Julius on the other hand told the other two groups to attack on his count 3, 2, 1 and the three groups attacked at once. Goddy and I took two policemen with us to the backdoor where I think the kidnappers might want to pass if they want to escape. We hid ourselves at the back of a tree closer to the back door of the building waiting patiently to see what will happen.

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