My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 3

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“The world cannot end tomorrow because Ibadan girls still use spoon to drink viju milk”
Name: I am Ola Olowo
PPA: Rural day grammar school
Local govt: Igbo onirin
So na school dem post me go? Chai! I was under the tree contemplating on how I was going to cope when I heard someone called my name. OBS, how far now? Only one person has that voice, it was Goddy the Goddynator!
OBS: Goddy, how far now?
Goddy: OBS, I dey. I just enter Ibadan yesterday night o
OBS: Nawa o. And you no fit call me abi?
Goddy: No vex jare. How your side now?
OBS: I just dey. I come collect my posting letter and na where dem post me go I dey here dey reason.
Goddy: Where dem post you go?
OBS: Na one public school joor
Goddy: See you. Na one grammar school sef dem post me go
OBS: Ehnehn, make I see naa
I collected his file and what I saw shocked me
Name: Godwin Philip
PPA: Rural day grammar school
I screamed for Joy! Na the same place them post us go o. You sure? Goddy asked? I gave him my file to see and he screamed also. OBS! OBS! OBS! We go make things happen for that school, Goddy said. I dey tell you. I replied. Olamide? I heard a female voice calling me then I looked around only to see Precious and Bisi coming my way. What? Am I dreaming? I couldn’t believe my eyes. Were you girls posted to Oyo state? I asked no one in particular but precious replied first.
Precious: Yes o Ola. I was posted to oyo but I had to go to Lokoja first before coming here.
OBS: That’s good. You come for your posting right?
Precious: Yeah. Na one yeye place dem carry me go joor
OBS: Ehya, Bisi, where dem carry you go?
Bisi: Na one primary school like that jare. Na school dem post 90% of us go except people wey bring letter from any company or organization
OBS: Na God go help us jare
Amen o. They all answered. Goddy and I decided to go to our local government so that we could sign all necessary document and resume duties ASAP. We took a straight bike from Agodi to the school. The school has a very big compound. We could also sight other corp members that was posted to the school too. After the filling of all the necessary forms, we were told to resume the next Monday, January 25. According to my research, Rural day is one of the oldest schools in that area. The popular Gbagi market is not far from the school. It is just the same lane and it also has some sort of short-cuts and sharp corners which links up the school and the market within minutes. The next Monday, Goddy and I resumed to the school alongside some corp members like ourselves. I was given government to teach while Goddy was given integrated science. I remembered one of those days he told his student to draw a skeleton. Na there I know say Skeleton get family. Godwin showed me one of the drawings and I almost ran mad. Na Skeleton be this? Godwin asked me. This one no be skeleton, this one na Skelemba. I replied.
To be continued…

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