My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 30

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“Some village old woman can teach history ehn! You greet an old woman and she tells you the story of your life. Afternoon Mam then you hear, come, come, is this not Alao the son of Atanda? The man who raped 4 girls before getting married to Abike the daughter of (a) wine tapper who fell from (a) palm tree while starring at Ajike the Village famous prostitute who aborted 16 pregnancies before getting married to Akanni, the priest from the neighboring village…or isn’t it your grandfather that died of madness…Alao, you have grown so big”
Blood splashed on Bangrajan’s hand, he could not believe what he just saw. He looked through the gate of the main entrance and saw about 8 policemen advancing towards the building fully armed with guns and Bangrajan looked at the wicked machete in his hand, he looked at the woman he was about to kill, he knew he had to escape, that was the most important thing now. He raised an alarm to inform his boys that they were under attack. Bangrajan’s men went to their Arsenal and carried their guns and hand throw grenades, then they went to confront the police. They marched out of the building and planned to surround the building and defend their selves but as they were matching out, those that were in front faced the wrath of the AK 47 as the police shot at them directly. While the majority of them got down and died, few managed to escape back to the building. The people in the dungeon were happy and scared at the same time. Meanwhile, Bangrajan went to his room in the building, brought out his box and put on a pair of police uniform. He had always prepared for this day. He carried a gun then sneaked out through the back door unknowing to him, Goddy and I and a policeman was hiding somewhere there.

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