My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 34

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“But how would you sell Aso Ebi 100k to (a) Yoruba woman and give her small meat at your wedding? Don’t you want to have children?”
Everything happened like a flash. Passing out is here. I know you might be asking what happened after I left the hospital. Well, let me just brief you. 2 days after I woke up at the hospital, Goddy and I was being taken to the Governor’s house where I met Governor Ajumobi with his entire family. We were treated to a feast that particular evening. Later that night, we were given a room to stay. The next day, we wanted to go back to our house but the Governor rejected totally. He said we should forget about everything in that house unless if we have something important to take there. He gave us a car and two body guards to follow us home to pack our bags. Getting to the front of our house, everybody came out to greet us. Goddy and I felt like a star. With the money given to us by the governor, we paid Mama K all our debts and even gave her extra N5000. Ify, the forming corper also was with us all through. We packed our bags, informed the Landlord we won’t be coming back again. We dashed out all the electronics in our room to Baba Ibeji. Just like Zlatan Ibrahimovic said, when he left PSG,”I Came like a legend and left like a king”
Truly, we came to Ibadan like a legend, and we are about leaving like a king. POP date came and all passing out programs in Oyo state was changed because of us. I learnt the Governor had informed the president, the D.G and the state coordinator about our exploit and he has ordered that the POP will be done at the national stadium, converging all corpers in every local government because of us. The passing out day was the happiest day of my life. Goddy and I was both honoured with a scholarship to have our masters anywhere in the world and we were presented with a cheque of N2million naira each. I couldn’t help but to cry. Truly they said, poverty was not an excuse. I struggled all my life to sponsor my education up to this level, now with the help of the Oyo state government, I have the chance of going further in any country of my choice. Is God not a great God?
I have obeyed the clarion call and I have done my part in serving humanity and in the process, saved lives of people. Thank You Jesus. I am OLA OLOWO, EL, ESCRITO…
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