My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 5

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“With current recession, an Ibadan parent will still collect tithe and offering during morning devotion.”
Even I myself didn’t know when I joined them in laughing too. It was also alarming too to discover that most of these students are ageing. I could see the files of some of the student in SS1 and I was shocked when I was seeing 25yrs, 24yrs, 23yrs! What was the parents of this kids looking when their child is still in SS1, SS2 at that age? When will they finish higher institution, serve, get a good job before getting married? I will use this avenue to please advise every parent reading this piece to please endeavor to send their kids to school at their young age. Imagine a class where co-student calls themselves, Aunty this, Aunty that. It is serious. There are even cases of students toasting corpers? That was the case of corper Ifeoma aka the forming corper. Ifeoma could be tagged as one of the big man’s daughter (if you know what I mean). She believes she was better than any of the corpers in the school, even when we go for CDS, She dey show herself wella. Although I don’t have any issue with her but Goddy didn’t like her for a bit. Ify and I do exchange pleasantries once in a while but the reverse was the case when it comes to Goddy.
Living with my Uncle was becoming tiring. I called Goddy to discuss with him if we could both get an apartment together which will be closer to the school. After two months, we were able to raise some money and we searched for an apartment which was just some few kilometers away from the school, unknowing to us that that was where Ify, the forming corper lives. Our house was called the Binary house because the landlord was very popular in the area and everybody knows him as Baba Binary but what we failed to know is that this house was where our adventure will start from.
The house has twelve rooms with two boy’s quarter. Life in that house was a case for another day because the humans living there are a set of mad people. The landlord uses three rooms with his two wives, Mr. Caleb who works with the ministry of information also uses two rooms. Baba Ibeji’s room was the one before ours. He has 5 kids and he uses just a room. This man is a clown but there is this thing about him and his wife. They never allow us to sleep at night. Whenever they fight in their room, it’s like a royal rumble wrestling competition. His wife was also like Nai-Jax in WWE. They never got tired. If they don’t fight within a week, my dear brother, something is wrong.

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