My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 7

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“It is only in an Ibadan fast food that you will see “Meat pie N120….Meatpie (With Gen) N1500”
I just kept quiet and I waited till it got to my turn. Goddy moved to the Atm machine and slotted his card in and what we both saw surprised us. The machine was asking us to select our preferred language then I selected Yoruba language. The next thing I heard was “Ekaboo..Jowo te nomba asiri re” (Welcome, please enter your secret number) Goddy was still opening his mouth, getting surprised at the level of technology in Ibadan. In all my years in Lagos and Ogun, I have NEVER seen this type of machine in my life. I don’t know what happened to Godwin that made him forget his pin number because all I was hearing was “Nomba asiri re ko jo irawon, jowo tee nomba asiri re” I have heard that two times before I said, Goddy, wetin happen now? Naso hunger make you forget your pin? Abeg type better thing joor make we comot for here. At the 3rd attempt that Goddy input a wrong pin, the machine said, “Mo mope oloribuu ni e.(I know you are foolish) Ole si nie pelu.(And you are a thief) Oleeeeeeeeeeeeee (Thief)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dear brother, the rest they said was history. If you are conversant with Iwo road very well, you will know that there is always a stand by police van always at alert. Two policemen started coming towards the restaurant. Hmmmmm, who says Usian Bolt is the fastest man in the world? He never compete with us naa. Are you still asking what happened next? Well, OYO is your case naa….

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