My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 9

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“Struggles are required in order to survive in life, because in order to stand up, you gotta know what falling down is like”
I no fit cry as a big boy. That was when it was dawn on me that this girl played me. Where could she be at just 9.17am? She can’t tell me she was still sleeping or she was in the church already when we’ve both concluded that I will be in her house before 10am.
I braced up myself and I took a cab going to Iwo road. It’s been 3 years I visited my former school so I decided to use the opportunity to visit my department, check out the environment before going to U.I. The polytechnic Ibadan has changed a little unlike how I left it in 2013. The hostel was quiet except for some echoes of Church programs coming from the south side in one of the classes. There is also some bunch of guys on the field playing soccer and beside the field were some Bike men with SUG vest. North! I told the bike man.
Bike man: N40
Me: What? Kilode? (What happened?)
Bike man: Boo se n wo nuu (That is the current amount we charge)
Me: Oga o (Na wa o)
The Bike man started shouting, Apete, North! Apete North! He was waiting for one more passenger. Things have really changed within the space of 2013 and now. Challenge from Toll gate was N100 before, now it is N120. Iwo road from challenge was N80 before, now it is N100. Now, a bike from the south at the polytechnic Ibadan which was N20 before to the North was N20 before, now it is N40. What is this N20 difference all about? Challenge, Sango, Iyana Poly, Eleyele, Monathan, idi abe, idi arere, Bodija,gbagi, iwofun. All this places I mentioned as 1 thing in common and it is N20 change that has been added to the cost of transport. Ibadan Sha! Sange ni o ( Na change o). A guy came, climbed the bike and we zoomed off. While I was on the bike, I was admiring the building which was being constructed beside Wema bank. This people sha! And dem go say money no dey? There is also a gigantic building beside the administrative block which was just newly built. Na wa o. This school don change small o! I said within me. Within some minute, I was at my department. The public administration department! The best department in the whole school, argue that at your own peril because I know you can’t beat that (In Enzo Amore’s voice)

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