my NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary. episode 11

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25th of November 2015 is here. I couldn’t sleep all through the night as I was watching my phones which I was charging. By 5am, after the ringing of my alarm, I woke up from the bunk I was sleeping before I woke Ugo and the rest of the guys in the room. I was surprised when I heard people had been rushing to queue at the registration ground. We could only wash our legs and hands because the harmattan was much at that period. We got to the registration lane around 5.15am and I was extremely surprised to see the rate at which the queue is long, right from the gate to the female hostel. We joined the queue too and just like snake xenzia, the game on nokia phone, the queue gets long by minute in the cold weather with our bags.
We stayed in the cold till past 7am before it was announced that we should go out of the premises to a nearby field close to the camp where we will be re-searched again before starting the registration procedure. It took us 4 good hours before we were able to get through the long queue. We were in the sun throughout the duration before a set of man o war squad assisted in controlling the line.
The registration took over 3 hours and we got a printout at the end of the exercise. We were told to take a zenith bank opening form which we were told to fill before going to our different platoons where we will get our kits. NYSC finally separated Ugo and I as I was in platoon 6 while Ugo was in platoon 4. The kits in platoon 6 got finished but we were given the meal ticket while Ugo got his kits complete but he was without the meal ticket. Instead of waiting for the kits to be supplied, Ugo and I decided to book down our hostel room before it got filled up. We begged the Aboki in charge to fix us in the same room and after much begging, he obliged and we were fixed in Block A hostel, ROOM 10.
NYSC kits are never accurate but the good thing is that it comprises of all sizes. No matter how fat, short, tall, huge or thin you are, your sizes is always available and if you need any amendment, please contact the Aboki’s at the mamee. Sure you might be wondering why I haven’t mentioned of Janelle all while long. Janelle have been having a little issue with me. Truly I didn’t open up most of my plans to her but truly the flight issue was not planned. She really got angry with me which made me wonder what kind of human being she be sef. Around past 2 or so, she got to the camp and I wasn’t shocked when I finally saw her. Janelle is tall, fair, a round face, slim and beautiful just as I have seen from her DP’S.
At 4:00pm, the trumpet was blown and we were made to know that we have to run to the parade ground with our new white on white kits. That was when my dear friend, Ugo suggested that we have to visit the camp kitchen to get our lunch. The lunch was beans which was tasteless and roughly cooked. Chai! Camp kitchen! By the time Ugo and I rushed back to the room to rush our food, two soldiers stormed our blocks and forced us out. We were punished before they told us to rush down to the parade ground. Captain Aminu was assigned as the platoon commander. He took charge of all trainings for the evening. AT exactly 6pm, a trumpet was blown as we were told to remain in the position we were. According to them, Nigeria is about to sleep so anytime we hear that particular bingle being blown, we should be “at attention” wherever we are.

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