My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary. Episode 12

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Training was over at 6.47pm. Ugo and I rushed down to the mamee market to get a bag of sachet water to resume “the battle of the tasteless beans’’ we were eating before the evening parade. A concretion rice was served as lunch in the kitchen and I couldn’t eat up to 4 spoons before dumping the rest under ugo’s bed. It’s really been a long day. One I have never experienced before. New faces, new environment, and strange weather in fact everything is just new. I have to change my alarm to 4.00am because captain Aminu said we will have to report to the parade ground by 5am the next day. Ooops! 8.40pm, the light is off already. Time to sleep. Hoping for an adventurous day tomorrow.
I woke up around past 3am while I saw Ugo discussing with Beautiful Onyinye at that time of the hour. Am sure the preparation for their wedding is now in top gear. I got up, took the bucket to fetch water in the only well in our block. It was extremely cold outside and I can see some guys bathing outside. Wetin my eyes no go see? Guys don’t have issues. Na the grils fit dey waste time dey queue for bathroom.
The queue at the bathroom was so long and it’s only the people who can’t withstand it have their baths outside. I queued for 30 minutes before it finally go to my turn. My bathing took like 5 minutes (you won’t dare to waste time naa) before I went ahead to fetch a bucket of water down for Ugo so we won’t waste time because in a matter of time, the soldiers will be here to send us out. 4.00am, we were almost set. Ugo and I prepared two cup of tea. Ugo and bread. You can’t separate them! He still ate the bread he bought at plateau. The bingle was blown before we knew it and we can hear a soldier shouting at the top of his voice, “Lazy corfers, get out now! To the parade ground,1,2,1,2,1,2! We ran all through down to the field which we got to around 5.05am. The weather was so cold. In fact, I can see some corper like me gnashing their teeths. Am sure some of them have not experienced that type of weather before. The man o war guys was to take charge of the early morning exercise before we were being handed over to the platoon commander.
The man o war that took charge of platoon 6 was a hausa girl (so I thought), slim, not to fair and I must confess, she looked like Tiwa savage. She was so fit and athletic and even more than C. Ronaldo and I must confess again that she is the most beautiful female man o war squad in our camp. We were taught all sorts of songs such as;
Chop Akara dey go
Moin moin no dey
Chop Akara dey go, Moin moin no dey
Also, we had songs such like;
Dem go born mumu, dem go born mumu, if Corper marry corper, dem go born mumu
And all sorts of songs in hausa language which I really can’t put down. Trust corpers now, they were able to formulate a song too like, “Eyin omo yobe, and we all screamed, “Yobe!

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