My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 16

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Not quite long, we heard the blowing of the bugle which signifies that we must rush to the parade ground with our Khaki trousers a, Nysc crested vest and the Khaki jacket for the swearing in. My Khaki trouser was in a bad shape. The Nysc belt was another case but I had no choice than to put it on. Getting to the parade ground, all the stage was set for coming of the governor and the chief judge of Yobe state. Standing under the hot sun, we were arranged by the soldiers platoon by platoon. The soldiers were also in new uniforms just as we were also in our Nysc khaki. As expected, representatives was sent by the governor and the chief judge. We all waited till the governor and chief judge’s representative arrived. The M.C really killed the program with his introduction of the guests and also wasting hell of time delaying us under the hot sun which was burning us really hard. The representative of the governor of Yobe state (Name escapes me right now) came up to the podium to give his speech. After reading out his speech for 25 minutes, we gave him a round of applause. Now the real swearing in is about to start as the chief judge steps forward to give his speech. The flag bearer stepped forward to perform the little drills they’ve been able to learn. Each platoon selected a person who goes to the chief judge, salutes then present an oath on behalf of the platoon which he will sign. All these continued till the platoon 10 representative signed his oath and the chief judge recited the oath while everyone repeats after him. After the “Amen”, we shouted and clapped.
We were discarded around past 2 and everyone was snapping pictures with their Khaki’s. Ugo and I took some couple of shots together. After that, Janelle and I hooked up and we decided to have lunch together at Mama Nkechi’s restaurant. She requested for garri and vegetable while I kept watching her eating, hoping and calling Ugo to show up so we can eat together. I kept calling Ugo but he was not picking up. Janelle tried convincing me to eat or take a drink which I actually declined. She kept. She started frowning at me but I just can’t leave Ugo out in anything we do in camp. Just as if Ugo was reading me too, he just showed up at the spot where I was seated. Amaka, the restaurant attendant was also asking me why I didn’t eat but I told her I didn’t eat because my guy was not here. Janelle even asked if we were gay (laughs). She didn’t know the bond between Ugo and I was more than a friend. We are now brothers from different mother. Ugo showed up and he seems to be very hungry. He asked if I have eaten and I replied him that I was waiting for him and I was sure he was surprised. Amaka and Janelle replied him that I was waiting for him before I eat. He ordered for pounded yam with Egusi soup which we graciously ate together. When we were coming back from the restaurant, I told ugo that I have to visit the OBS studio for the auditioning. I met lots of corpers there queuing for the auditioning too. I wrote my name down waiting patiently for my name to be called.

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