My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 18

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I was actually thinking of waking up by 2am to have my usual early bath before preparing my scripts for the day’s challenge. I was tired as I could only manage to wake up around past 3. I took my bath, changed my clothes and made some quick online research before going for the early drills which starts at 4.30am.
Things got set and the trumpet sounded. We rushed immediately to the parade ground but in my own case, I ran to the OBS studio to meet the members of the crew to discuss together and how the program will be arranged among the 4 of us. My guy’s name are Dafe, Ekene and Nonso. Around past 6, we were done and I rushed back to join platoon 6 members in the early morning drills. We’re getting used to the drilling anyway so it was all fun. We were released around 8am for the breakfast. Getting back to the room, one of my guys in the room gisted me that my friend is now elected the platoon leader of platoon 4. I be witch walahi! I had once told Ugo that he is going to be made the platoon leader but the called it off. Now it has happened and am sure Beautiful Onyinye won’t be happy with me on this at all. When Ugo came back to the hostel, I congratulated him. He was surprised about how I go t to know about this. I told him nothing is new under the sun so it’s better we head straight to the mamee market to celebrate this. After eating, I went to the studio where the rest of the guys are already waiting for me. It’s just some few minutes to the show so we rehearsed for the last time before grabbing the Microphone. We did the program nicely but just a little shortcomings which needed to be corrected in the next line of our program. We had the show for 45 minutes before signing out finally and we were greeted with a round of applause. The supervisor of the studio if I may call him that, Mr. Mic commended us and he told us the things to do and things not to do the next time we will anchor the show. We thanked him, noted our corrections and headed out of the studio to fill the NYSC oath of allegiance. Some minutes later, I heard an announcement from the OBS studio that our transport allowance has been paid so we had to go to the registration hall with our meal ticket to collect it. Come see corpers! Everybody ran and all the route leads to the registration hall. The queue was much and it took about 30 minutes before it got to my turn and I was paid the N1500 allowee. Immediately we left the registration hall, I heard there is going to be a meeting with all OBS crew around 12pm. I went there, sat with them and since I don’t have any familiar face among them, I took my notebook and begin reading. Its 1.45pm, and the meeting is still yet to commence. I don’t know when I slept off because all I knew was someone waking me around 2pm.
Michel arranged the hall and greeted us all. After some minutes, he rolled out the names of people that has been picked. Fortunately, I was one of them but he said something that pricked my mind. He said if not that I waited for hours, he wouldn’t have picked me. That word of his stricken deep into me but I just had to let it be. If not for my interest in this OBS stuff right from time, I wouldn’t be here bit I choose to take up his words as a challenge for me to prove my worth. I got back to my hostel feeling moody. I greeted the guys in the room and I asked them what was rolling in the kitchen for lunch. I was told it was Garri and Egusi. Ejike and I opted to visit the kitchen together and in no time we were back after a few minutes. I did some washing after eating and I decided to charge my phones for a while. The bugle sounded after some minutes. The black soldier blowing the trumpet banged the door of our room and asked us to fall out immediately. The fear of punishment is the beginning of wisdom. Seriously, ever since our swearing in, the soldiers are not taking it likely with us at all as any silly mistake you make, you get punished heavily for it.

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