My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 19

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I got to the parade ground around 4.10pm and I met Captain Aminu with the rest of the platoon guys about life in the army. He told us that back then, he earns N500 per month. We were amazed. Immediately, Captain Aminu sighted the platoon 7 commander heading towards the basketball court, he hurried us all to run to the court. Oga lagos and Aminu started the drillings all over again and I remembered Mighty Mic told us there would be a meeting by 6pm in the studio. At the sound of the trumpet which signifies that the Nigeria flag is going down, we all stood at attention for some minutes after which I escaped from the group and headed straight to the OBS studio. I got there at 6.15pm and I discovered nothing was happening yet. Mighty Mic was nowhere to be found. I heard tonight is the welcome party for all corpers and the venue is the registration hall. I was really looking forward to it. According to Micheal, the OBS crew will be there to get things set for the party while he will be anchoring the show with one of us. Thinking about dinner, I really don’t know what to eat so I called Janelle to know how far with her. Minutes later, we were strolling down to the mamee market. She said she has eaten Semo with Egusi at Mama Amaka so I would only be eating the dinner alone. I was clueless about what to eat so I decided to order for something light. I ordered for a pack of noodles and 2 eggs. During the process of waiting for the noodles to be served, Janelle and I was talking and from our discussion, I discovered she has someone she is seeing. (Laughs) Am I jealous or what? This is the second time I will be feeling this way today and it’s really bad. Having those stupid feelings towards a friend. Just like a flash, I felt bad and decided that the food should be arranged in a take away. I lost appetite instantly. She noticed my change of mood but I told her I was fine. When we were leaving the restaurant, she received a call from the same Horla guy again and that was just what killed it. She left me and was heading towards the directions of the guy so I left her and headed back to the hostel. Ugo and the rest of the guys were already in the room. That’s the major reason I liked Ugo. He knows how to lighten you up when you are in a bad mood. Janelle called severally after I got to the hostel (5 times) while she also sent a text message too. She apologized that if she had done anything wrong because she didn’t like the way I left. All well and good with Ugo lightening me up, I feel happy and decided to attend the party after all.

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