My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 20

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I got to the venue at 8.25pm and I was shocked to see an already filled auditorium. Lots of corpers turned up for this event while am sure more and more people will turn up when the party commences. Different people, different persons, different way of doing things that is just the hallmark of an NYSC camp. The members of the OBS crew was also seen coordinating things inside directing the corpers to available sits. A DJ was also on stage dishing out the music at my own dismay because am not a lover of the hip hops). I still remember back in secondary school days when I was aspiring to be a D.J. Hmmm, I was an admirer of all D.J’s in all my favorite radio station. I remember I had their names on a sheet paper that time and if I could remember, they were up to 35. Back to the party, Mighty mic was the MC of the show and I must confess that he is really good in front of the crowd. He calls out each platoon to come and dance on the stage. Lots of corpers are trooping in minutes by minutes as some were even standing when there are no available sits in the auditorium again. They are really blocking my views here and for me to get all details about the welcome party, I have to find something to do about my height (laughs and sighs) Corp members can be funny sha. Come see different style of dancing.
Happiness is not something from the environment at times, it is something much deeper from the mind and inner most part of our heart. It’s not my best night and all thanks to Janelle. At times, I wonder why God created me so emotional. Is it a crime? Seriously if not for the writing purpose and also to fulfill all righteousness, I should be on my bed right now, sleeping or preparing scripts for tomorrow’s sport show. What type of human being am I? At times, I have a feeling that I am a complicated being because I feel there is no one like me out there. I wonder who is eating noodles and eggs in this filled up place as the aroma filled everywhere here.
Sighting Ugo in the auditorium too. He decides not to visit the mamee market again to eat. Funny guy! The new platoon leader even after the second election was conducted today. (Laughs) Beautiful Onyinye must not hear this, if not she might cut off my head when we get back to lagos. Sitting beside me here is a beautiful girl named Onye who was curious to know what I was writing. We exchanged pleasantries and that was it. An artiste was called to perform a song. Only God knows where they get the money from. At times, I wish am a bad guy, walk up to a girl majestically, toast her and also have my way on her, not for anything nut to pay back the pains I have been passing through all this years in the hands of girls. Back to the party, the second artiste performing is for from the University of Jos according to him. I still don’t see what he is singing that makes some of the corpers to be shouting and screaming to cheer him up. Arrant nonsense! Where we have Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, Orlando Owoh, Victor Olaiya, Tunji Oyelana, (sighs). The world rotates so is the time!

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