My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 21

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One of the most pleasant things to know as a corper is that today is Sunday. Being a Sunday, there is no early morning parade as usual so everybody slept till they were satisfied. I, on the other hand, was being awake for some time to write my script for the OBS sport panorama later in the evening. I prayed, played some good music to light up my soul. I sent Janelle a text message (A happy Sunday greetings) and stayed glued to my phone to get my manuscript prepared. Ugo on the other hand keeps sleeping and snoring (Laughs) He must be very tired. It’s not easy to be a platoon leader. It’s a big responsibility that needed to be handled by a strong man, Just like Ugo.
I was lying on the bed, thinking about all the events that happen yesterday. The OBS Show, the evening parade, the walk with Janelle, the call, the messages, walking back to the hostel, Janelle’s messages, the social night, the odd feelings, the emotions, the guy with Janelle after the party was over, the lonely trip back to the hostel, Janelle’s call (which I didn’t pick), the lonely night and gratefully waking up again to see today. Now I thought of home. Oh! I miss home. Home sweet home people say. I just hope everybody is fine at home. I was thinking of calling home to check how they were fairing unknowing to me that I had picked Janelle’s call that came in just immediately I was about making a call out. Her voice was so cool on the phone. Telling me she didn’t expect me to behave that way, me being her best friend. Well, I was speechless because her call caught off guard. Could this be Jealousy or what? No. Maybe a bit of it but the truth is that she also did a wrong thing by leaving me to meet a friend, at least, she should have let me know but she just went away then I lost it inside of me. If I had seen the call, I might have prepared what to say but the call really caught me off guard and unprepared and am not ready to let that affect my day so I quickly discarded the call.
7.40am, the trumpet for breakfast sounded. A breakfast of bread, tea and a boiled egg.(See combination, boiled egg! Chai! I don suffer) after eating, I decided to go shave away my beards at the mamee market. On my way going, I remembered taking some pictures so I decided to branch there to check if the pictures are ready. It took me like 30minutes before I was able to get it sorted out. After paying the balance, I went straight to the mamee market where I had to wait for my turn before I could shave. It was really a nice work on my hair by the Aboki barber. I paid him N100 for his services before heading back to the hostel.
The guys were into a hot argument and I just can’t stop laughing. The landlord, Ejike and the rest of the guys were at their usual best. I washed some of my dirty cloths before going to have my bath. The landlord, Wright Onoja was getting ready for church service at NCCF. I told him to wait for me so we could go there together. We got to the NCCF at 10.20am. The multipurpose room was used for the church service and it all seems strange to me somehow. The dancing and singing is not really my thing. I sat down, brought out my journey book to get it updated. The NCCF is really filled to the brim. Even outside of the church was filled with corpers. A little drama play was started in the church at 10.030am. The drama finished around 10.45am. It was a nice piece though. In Summary, it talked about a prince who offended his father but hide it under the shadow of a servant who uses the opportunity to enslave him for 4 years. After 4 years, he couldn’t endure it anymore so he walked up to his father, confessed his sin and he was forgiven. The servant showed up at that moment to deny the prince his freedom but instead, the servant was punished. Nice drama isn’t it? While waiting outside, I was looking at the NCCF stand where different religious and motivational books were sold. Am not a fan of these books but one particular one got my attention and I got it. You want to know right? The name of the book is Myles Munroe’s Waiting and dating.

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