My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 22

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The pastor that was invited came to the podium and preached till around 11.30am. I left immediately after his preaching. I got a bag of sachet water before heading back to the hostel. It was really a crazy scene at our block when i was approaching my hostel. There was a hell of noise coming out from room 14. The noise was much that I had to come out of the room to know what is happening. I was hearing from guys that some white shirts are missing in their room. Another set of guys was shouting that a guy in the same room visited the toilet and he didn’t flush it. Chai! O boy! Come see as guys storm the guy room but unfortunately, they couldn’t see the guy. One of the soldiers with a gun came down to our block to settle things before it got out of hand. I left the hostel to visit the studio. I met Ekene already. I showed him my scripts and he admitted I have done a great job. The trumpet was sounded for lunch and we heard it was the turn of platoon 2 to cook today. Being an OBS member, Mighty Mic took us all to the kitchen so we could have a free pass (since the tags are not ready yet). Getting to the kitchen, we met a long queue waiting to be served the Jollof rice and chicken that was prepared. We got in after Mighty Mic and Ify entered and we were told the food has finished on the line we are that we should move to the next line. The quantity of the food that was served in the cooler ehn, can make you cry. We had no choice than to take it that way and of course, it was with a bony fried chicken. After getting my meal ticket from Mic, I took the food to the room. I still met Pastor Ugo sleeping while I jejely devoured the little quantity of Jollof rice in the cooler.
After eating, I went back to the studio only to meet my sport guys all complete. During our discussion, I decided to call Janelle. She picked and we greeted. She was complaining of a running nose (Catarrh) so she won’t be able to come and meet me in the studio. No problem I said, all well and good. It was 3.30pm. Just an hour to the first platoon football game for the corpers and my guys and I are fired to run the commentaries of the game. The game was an interesting one that sees platoon 1 winning the game on penalties. Immediately after the interview with the coaches of the two teams and some players, we head back to the studio to get prepared for the sport panorama which will start by 6.30pm so we has little time to get our scripts ready before starting the show. The show lasted for 30minutes and it was a good one.
After the show, I met Esther Joe (One of the girls in the whatsapp group) for the first time one-on-one. And as expected, she was tall, chocolate in colour and a bit brute. We strolled to the mamee market from the Studio and we talked for some time before she told me she wants to go back to her hostel. I bid her farewell and headed straight to one of the stands at the mamme market where I was hearing Pastor Kumuyi’s message. After a brief chat with the owner of the shop, I left for Mama Amaka’s restaurant, ate a plate of semovita with Egusi before heading straight to the OBS Studio for the meeting which was scheduled for 8pm but I got there abit late (8.25pm) and the meeting had started already. I stood all through the meeting before I finally get back to the hostel around 9.45pm. The room was bubbling as usual. Immediately I stepped into the room, they started hailing me OBS! OBS! OBS! I greeted them before I sat down on my bunk bed. The guys were having fun and the talk was more about the platoon game which will come up tomorrow between Platoon 3 and Platoon 4 which is indirectly a war between Landlord and Ugo. Lots of fumbling from the two guys which made everyone in the room starts laughing their hearts out. Landlord was the coach of platoon 4 while Ugo is the Platoon leader of Platoon 3, so you understand the beef between them. After having a good time with the guys, I slept around 10.30pm, hoping to wake up early to get the script ready for tomorrow’s show.

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