My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 25

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All the stress in the camp can’t even let anyone remember that it’s a new month. The last month of the year 2015! God has been faithful isn’t it? I woke up around 2.33am and I decided to go to the toilet before having my bath. The weather was clearly different today. It was extremely cold as at that time of the hour but do I have any choice? The queue at the toilet and bathroom was not much as it used to. Most of the guys are still sleeping while aliens like us are awake to bath by this time. Our own pass witch! I spent about 6minutes on the queue before it got to my turn. Immediately I was done, I took my bath before I ran like a mad man to my room because it was extremely cold. At 2.51am, I was through with the making up and every other nonsense I had to do. I returned to my bed to have a short nap before the early morning parade.
Ugo woke me up around 4.37am. I never knew I had slept for some few hours already. I hurriedly put on my shoes and headed straight to the OBS Studio to check when our show will be done. When I looked at the time table, the schedule has changed. The sport programme will now hold in the evening after the platoon games. I met Dafe in the studio so I decided to stay behind for some minutes to update my scripts. When it was 6.00am, one of the soldiers came to the studio to pursue everybody out. According to him, he said we are all cows (Laughs). Soldiers and their vulgar words sha. He pursued us till we got to the parade ground. That is the second time I will be escaping a soldier’s punishment in camp, I just pray I will be third time lucky. I joined my platoon on the line and we had the early morning exercise till the trumpet was sounded for breakfast at 8am. I went to the photo stand to snap a passport which we were told to do for the file. When I got to the photo stand, I greeted the woman that was there. We’ve been getting well together ever since I discovered that she was a Yoruba woman. I was gisting with her until when something told me to look up. Surprisingly, I saw Tiwa Savage, the man o’war girl which I admired (laughs). I pleaded with the photographer that she has to come and take the picture with me and her. We both hurriedly walked straight to the man’o war stand where she was heading to. I approached her that I would love to have a picture with her. She asked for the photographer and she showed up with her camera and gbam! I got what I wanted at last #Taking a shot with Tiwa savage# After the passport, I went to the mamee market to have my breakfast of rice and beans at mama amaka’s restaurant as the food that was cooked by the kitchen (Platoon 4) was pap and beans. Moreover, the beans have been making me purge somehow since yesterday.
After the food at the mamme, I walked majestically to my hostel, feeling like a king. Well, it seems Ella was right on something about me. I count little things which I ought not to count and that keep affecting me. I think am working on that because I actually countered the ill stupid feelings I had for Janelle after I escorted her to the mamee to meet a guy. That is the second time it’ll be happening and it can’t repeat itself again. Have been beaten twice, and now I have to be three or four times wiser. Lessons learnt and I think I can feel the changes in me. It’s just 7days in camp.

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