My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 31

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In as much as our last meeting was when I foolishly escorted her to the mamee to meet a guy, I had promised myself that such will never happen to me again. Once bitten, twice wise like I do say. Me avoiding her isn’t intentional but circumstances has really played its game well by making me extra busy to the extent that I don’t even have time for myself again. Janelle oh Janelle! After the call, I went into the hostel. It was almost 6.30pm and that signifies that it’s time for the show but Ekene, who covered the platoon game has gone to the kitchen to get the food for everyone. I had to wait for him since I didn’t get the full glimpse of the show piece. Nonso came in some minutes later while Dafe, yeye boy is still at the mamee market enjoying himself. Nonso suggested that we should wait for them but I had a different idea. The manager said we shouldn’t wait for anybody that we can carry on with the show. The show finally started with the full sport crew and it was very exciting. After the show, I was served my food before going to meet Seyi at the clinic. She really got me scared when I saw her vomiting some particles of blood. I was scared. This is a chronic ulcer. I really pitied her because of the pains she was passing through. I stayed with her before heading to the social night. I didn’t really participate well as I was with my good friend, Ella, discussing as usual. Landlord showed up and told me that he wants to go and attend Ugo’s birthday party. Opps! I have forgotten already and the big head did not bother to remind me. I told Ella to follow me there but she said she was cold and she has to go to bed.
Ugo’s birthday party at the mamee was filled with lots of his platoon guys and girls. He got two cakes while he has also made reservations for lots of drinks. This involves a lot of money mehn and I wonder how he got the money he spends in the camp so far. The guy serving the drinks and I had a minor bust- up just because I told him to serve my guys. It had to take the intervention of a girl and AY before we were able to settle it. The guy was an idiot I must confess. I don’t take alcohol and I don’t attend parties and if not for ugo,I won’t even attend the party. I left there when it was 9.55pm to avoid any form of embarrassment from the soldiers. Ugo came in some minutes later with cakes which everyone in the room feasted upon. Ugo apologized to me for the unruly behavior of his platoon guy. We rested a bit before we all slept. What a day!

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