My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 32

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As usual, someone’s mistake in the room must wake me up and it was the turn of the Alhaji, the guy using the bed on top of mine. He was charging his phone in my socket which was just beside me. I checked the time, it was 3.51am. I knew it was time to wake up and get dressed before the trumpet go sound again. After the sharing the left over cakes to everyone, I left for the parade ground at 4.44am. There has been a fellowship at the parade ground for two days now so I joined them. The drills continued again after we’ve paraded the whole hostel exercising and singing our hearts out in the cold weather. Nothing much happened after that. I was just been navigating from the clinic to the hostel then back to the studio. I got seyi the noodles she requested for, filled and also submitted the certificate format with the performance form. At 1.10pm, I went back to the hostel to have a short nap. The room wasn’t as filled as how it used to be. Everyone has gone to their place of different entrepreneurship training. Ugo also came into the room to have a short sleep, the cough and catarrh has been affecting him too. He came to the clinic earlier to get some drugs.
At 2.13pm, I received phones call from Ayodele, one of the girls in OBS hostel woke me up. I knew it was time for lunch. Getting to the studio, I heard they’ve been paying the bicycle allowance of N1000. After having my lunch, I went to the multipurpose hall to meet the long queue. Mehn! It took me about an hour before I was able to get mine. I went back to the studio to prepare for the afternoon games and the evening show. Naso I take go back to my room go sleep jare. It was 4pm. It went to the field after the jingle was blown. I covered the football game while Ekene covered the volley ball game. The game went into penalties after a 1-1 score line. After the game, I went back to the studio to prepare the match reports and to also prepare for the evening show which I later had with Dafe, don’t ask me about the other guys. I didn’t see them too.
Social night is here again and it’s the night for the platoon 6 to perform their drama piece with platoon 2 or so. The dancing competition for platoon 6 was quite all right while the drama by platoon 2 was entirely boring. Just felt like heading straight to the hostel. Thank God Seyi’s quite all right now. 9.18pm, still in the OBS Quarter at the multipurpose hall. Everything just seems to be boring today. People started trooping out of the hall in numbers. An event overshadowed the social night also as a female NYSC official; Mrs. Brighton slapped one of the military man. That really took a shine off the social night because everybody was focusing on the encounter. The event was later calmed by the officials there and the drama didn’t seem to interest anybody again. I left there at 9.35pm when the event was still on. Guys sef plenty inside room sef except landlord. We were all laughing at Chinedu that he is going to park out of the room that night. His platoon lost out to Landlord’s platoon today. Landlord later came back and he gisted us how he almost got punished by the female soldiers but he had to lie that he is an asthmatic patient. Chai! Guys can lie sha. I didn’t know I have slept while getting the gist from landlord not until a call woke me around 11pm. The call kept coming for the 6th time before I picked it. It was Seyi, wanting to thank me for all I have done. Ella also called too later on but I couldn’t talk for long because the sleep was still in my eyes. What a day!

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