My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 33

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For the first time since the camp began, I woke up by 4.25am. My head was banging really hard. When I finally opened my eyes, I called the hausa using the top bed to please not to pay music again whenever he wants to sleep. His hausa song played all through the night and also another alarm was ringing repeatedly. I got up, dressed, brushed my teeth, and washed my face before heading out to the parade ground at 5.05am.
The carnival was slated for today and people was preparing really hard for it. Alopay, the platoon leader told us to go and bring a white shirt for designing against the carnival. I went to the hostel, gave a guy in the same platoon with me to give Alopay while I went to the toilet to bath, toilet and drank a cup of tea before sitting down to do some writing.
It was just some few minutes into the commencement of the football game. I left the hostel for the studio, ate the two akara balls that was served before going to the field. Getting to the field, the referee and other match officials was nowhere to be found and I am beginning to suspect if all was well. At 9.00am, the volleyball game between platoon 9 and platoon 3 started. That was the first time I will be covering a volleyball game and I must confess it was really a good experience learning the game without someone teaching you the lines and rules. Platoon 9 wins the game on a two set to one. Immediately after the game, platoon 8 and platoon 1 started their match too. And as at 10.20am, a message was sent from the camp commandant that the game should be stopped. The first set is already been won by platoon 8 and the 2nd set just began about five minutes before it was suspended. Then I remembered Alopay sent a message that all platoon 6 should meet opposite the NCCF. I walked down with Miracle to the place at 10.30am. Getting there, the guys were busy with decorating and designing of cardboards and clothes ahead of the carnival this evening. There has been a meeting on the parade ground announcing that everyone should go for sanitation. I went back to the class where my platoon was to relax abit. At 11.27am, I went to the studio to relax. It’s really warm there. All the guys were present including seyi.
The DG sent a representative to come and address all the corpers around 3pm. He and his entourage spent up to 1hr, 30minutes with their speeches and all that. After they left, the carnival set sail and we can see different costume made by different platoons. It’s really going to be a grand carnival in the camp. All OBS member has a reserved sit with the DJ.

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