My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 34

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The carnival started by 5pm. The event was really colourful. We have 3 judges sitting down on a platform, judging the performance of each platoon as they marched and danced in front of them. A Hausa local dance group came in to perform some nice dance and I must confess it was breathtaking. The dancing took like 30 minutes. After their performance, the judges were to announce the winner of the platoon performance so far. Platoon 6, my platoon came third. Alopay came forward to receive an envelope which was our gift. I really don’t know how much was inside the envelope until I asked him. The second position goes to the platoon 4. Yes, platoon 4, Ugo’s platoon. I was really happy and excited when I saw him come forward to receive the envelope from the state coordinator. Ugo later came to the OBS stand and told me that it was 4k that was inside the envelope. It’s all good thou. Half bread is better than none. With the 2nd position taking home 4k, I think ours might be 2k or 2500 at worst. At the end of it all, Platoon 7 was announced as the winner. It was now the show of dance, excitement and happiness everywhere as dances engulf everywhere. The OBS Members were taking pictures at all angles and they were all happy. After some couple of shots, I retreated to my seat to do some writing. The carnival was indeed a colorful one, in fact the best I have witnessed all my life. I remembered during the performance of the hausa dance group, Seyi sat with me all through and the rest of the guys were Jealous and hailing her name “Seyishay!Seyishay!. And talking about Seyi, something happened earlier today in the studio. When she came in while I was eating, everyone was happy to see her and they were commending me for being caring towards her and they were all saying she shouldn’t leave me o. Chai! See me see wahala. I was quiet all through this period while my face looked pale as if I was not the one being discussed about. The noise was much and they couldn’t stop prolonging the discussion. Ifeoma, Dafe, Aminat, Moses, HOK, and the likes ehn! I tire for them. They were all shouting that Seyi must give me a hug and she didn’t even think twice before she came over to my place to hug me. I shrugged at first but Ekene pulled me up and I couldn’t refuse this time as seyi hugged me really tight. I really don’t know what is in her mind because I can feel her emotions in the hug. My mind was just as plain as anything towards her. As far as am concerned, she is a friend and all what I did for her (which is nothing to me) is just what I think a normal and any other person can do and will do to anyone. From the way she does and acts towards me now, her closeness to me, I just hope she is not in love sha o. Well, I trust her she won’t want to do that, will she?
Christy, the head of presenters had informed me that I will be performing or maybe I should use the right word “Anchoring” the social night. That sends spine all through my body as I was nervous and with tension in me. I was told I will be anchoring with a new girl in OBS, which I don’t even know her name yet. Well, we go dey see for stage now, abi? Laughs
The manager came in to inform us that there won’t be social night today, I was kind of happy in my mind because I was a bit tired. Mighty mic came in to inform us that there will be an OBS hangout at the mamee market. Seyi got the dinner for the both of us and we sat at a corner in the studio to eat. There is this bond that is happening between us which I still don’t get. After eating, she told me to let us go to the hangout, she holding my arms not letting me go. Seriously, I was blushing. I haven’t felt a PDA before (Public display of affection), even if I have to do that, I had planned it with Janelle, but she messed up big time. Janelle’s matter is a case for another day. The hangout was fun. Mighty addressed us after we were all seated, thanked us for our cooperation. The weather was extremely cold. Seyi kept holding my hands and also putting her head on my shoulder. I was feeling a bit uneasy but I just have to be like that and play along. Something tells me that she’s beginning to have feelings for me but I still don’t want to believe that. I still see no reason why she will be showing me off in public. She was in that position all through the hangout and even mighty mic joked that he hopes we are not the OBS couple he has been waiting for. Talking about Seyi, she is not bad either. Dark, slim, had this nice set of teeth and a perfect gap tooth that could make a guy fall in love but things just can’t work out between us. We can just be friends. During the time I was with her at the clinic, I was able to get some info about her. She is from Ekiti, 265yrs with AS genotype while I am 21, with the same AS genotype too. You see! The odds are not favourable. I just did all I had done in good fate. I took her as a friend, a co-OBS member and a sister. All my cares on her during her stay in the clinic was just done in my own goodwill, not having anything in mind. When it was 9.30pm, I told her I couldn’t bear the cold anymore that I have to retire to my room. She followed me to the studio where I went to take some pieces of A4 paper before I escorted her to her hostel. Getting to the front of her hostel, I told her to stay safe and get a blanket. She put off the jacket which I gave to her at the hangout when she was complaining of cold. After she gave me the jacket, she gave me an unexpected hug as I was trying to put on the jacket back. We bid farewell to each other and I went straight to my hostel. Getting to the room, I discovered it was locked already. Na wa o. The cold don pursue everybody inside. After series of knocking, someone finally opened the door. I got to my bed and slept off. What a day!

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