My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 36

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I woke up by 3.23am. I can’t believe it morning already. I stood up, had my bath and slept again till around 5.13am. Ugo was dressed already. I asked if the jingle has been blown, he said “since”. Chai! This guy is not okay at all. They blew the jingle and nobody cares to wake me. Na which kind people be this sef? I rushed up, put on my shirt shoes and jugged to the parade ground. The semi-final fixtures for both football and the volleyball game was surprisingly not announced on them field during the announcement. Since they said no OBS Member should be in the studio in the morning, I was surprised to see Tonye joining the morning drills. When the time was 7.30am, the morning drills was getting uninteresting so I decided to leave the parade ground for the studio. The studio was full. Seyi, Eka, Tonye, Ayo, Jessica, etc were all present. I greeted them all before I proceeded to meet Ekene to discuss the games I heard will be played this morning. But the truth is, the guys in charge of the games don’t know anything about it. They just fix the fixtures anyhow. From what I heard, they said platoon 7 will be playing platoon 3 again. It’s really disheartening after all our complaint to see that nothing was done to the arrangement. Anyhow it is, na so we go do am. Breakfast was ready. Yam and stew again. I left immediately I was done with it.
The jingle was blown for the morning lectures. The lecture, this time talked about the people going for relocation. The lecture this time was basically about relocation. The lecture took about an hour. I was with the OBS crew at the back stage. Janelle called and we both agreed to see after the lecture. By 11.05pm, the lecture was over so I went out of the hall to look for Janelle. I decided against calling her but to check for her among the troops of crowd rushing out of the hall. I sighted her holding her phone trying to call someone. Am sure I was not the one she was trying to call because my phone didn’t beep for once. I followed her at the back without her noticing me. I realized she was heading to the clinic. I went inside to meet her there. I was shocked when she asked me about Seyi. I was dumbfounded but I still managed to compose myself immediately while I dodged the question. I kept asking her about her health and why she didn’t check on me for over 3 days. She kept complaining of network issues on her phone bla bla bla but staring into her eyes, I can see some iota of lies in it. My heart shrieked. I was sad. I maintained a straight face all through my stay with her. What she did she take me for? At times I ask myself, is it a crime to be so emotional? Is it a crime to love someone you haven’t even, met before? Janelle is such a player. How I wish I could be opposite of whom I am. I don’t blame the so called bad guys. She shattered my thoughts the more when she regarded me as a “brother in faith” (laughs) I have been a fool. I was still maintaining that strange face which makes her scared. I am unpredictable. I am disappointed in you” That was the last word I said to her before leaving the clinic heading straight to the mamee market to eat. I have reduced a lot mehn. The weather, water, not having a good sleep, in fact everything in camp was just telling on me. I needed to talk with someone. I needed someone who I could talk my heart out to. I sent a text Ella, requesting to see her after the SAED. I was thinking of going to sleep but I changed my mind and I went straight to the SAED class of designing and customizing. We learned how to draw, create designs on our own and how to perfect them. We did like two practices before the class was closed for the day. At 1.10pm, I left the class for the hostel having just one thing in mind, “sleep”

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