My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 37

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At 2.57pm, Ekene’s call woke me up. He was informing me to go cover the volleyball game. I told him I was tired that he should call the rest of the guys to cover the game. I called Ella to know if she is back from SAED lectures. We later met at mama Amaka’s restaurant where I explained everything to her. She advised me from the best of her knowledge. I love her company. I have this sure assurance of a best time with her. Just as we were discussing, Janelle walked into the restaurant. I snubbed her while she did the same too. Ella and I continued our chat and I didn’t care whether she was there or not. I really don’t blame the bad guys who treats girls like a shit, would you? Still at the restaurant at 3.35pm, thinking of going straight to the volleyball court to clear off my head with some good volleyball. I later received a call from an unknown number. I picked it and I discovered it was a call from my platoon leader, asking me to come to his hostel to clear some things. I rushed straight to the place after I was able to get the description from someone along the clinic. Getting there, the man told me I didn’t make a photocopy of the application for redeployment I wrote. He ordered me to go and re-write another one, make the photocopy and bring it to him as soon as possible. I went in search of an A4 paper to write the application and it took me sometime before I was able to get one from Nnanna in the studio. Seyi helped me in monitoring the photocopy stand since the guy was not at his stand. She later called me on the phone about the arrival of the guy. I made the photocopy, and quickly rushed to the platoon leader’s room to submit it. I was only able to get the glimpse of just the last ten minutes of the first half game between platoon 3 and platoon 9. The game ended goalless which eventually ends in a penalty as platoon 3 win the shootout on a 4-2 score line. That was landlord’s team heading to the final of the tournament. It was really a sad one for platoon 9 because they were able to dictate the tempo of the game but at the end, they lost out on penalties. Seyi was with me all through some duration of the game before she went to meet Eka. At the end of the game as usual, I moved I moved into the studio to make the match report and also to be on the sport update show. I forgot to add that I took charge of the cards fees, I which I was able to get N800 so far from platoon 3 and another platoon. Ekene was not around for the sport update so Dafe and I anchored the show together with Nonso. Rice and stew was later served as dinner in the studio and we all wait till it was time for the social night as the time was 7.45pm.

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